I was just.......

I need help on whats the difference between type 22/23 frigates and then difference between type 42/45 destroyers? might sound a lame question to some but I do need to know thanks
Have a look at the RN website. 22s and 23s are ASW units. 42s are old air defence destroyers. 45s are new destroyers. To go into the major differences (propulsion, weapons, aircraft etc) would:
a. Take ME too long.
b. Mean YOU get no benefit from doing the research yourself.
c. Take me away from thinking up another thread title that's as pointless as this one.
d. I can't think of a "d".
ok thanks, Im already on the RN website think Ive just found the bit about roles etc for each type of ship, I just want to be fully loaded for my interview :D:D
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