i want to rejoin the R

Hi, i left the RN 6 years ago as an AEM1 on Harriers now i want to re join what wil i have to go through to join again ie will i have to go through raleigh again and will my peeps still stand

You will not normally have to redo Raleigh and having already done the job for a while you will not do the full AET course, but a refresher.

What you need to do is take along your discharge paperwork and your last pay slip (if you've still got it) to your nearest AFCO. They will then seek approval to process you from Captain Naval Recruiting/Air drafting desk. They will then tell us at what level you will re-enter and at what payscale. You will probably have to re-take any promotion exams/courses.

Hope that helps

Neil - Supermario

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