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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by Gruff, Jan 3, 2007.

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  1. can anyone give me some tips on how to get around the age limit of 36. I'm 38 and ex WAFU for a little under one year when I left on unconditional discharge. my sons in 1 year too at RAF wittering on harriers.
  2. Gruff. If you haven't done so already try the Recruiting Office to see if your previous trade has a shortage - if so you might well be able to negotiate a re-entry. Failing that how about Reserve time/FTRS?
  3. Why not try the RNR aircrew branch?
  4. You could try the RAN
  5. Strewth! How about the crabs!?
  6. As alreday said just go down the carears office they will have you back at Raleigh for the 2 day kit issue before you know it (medically fit of course). The chaps i worked with had been out since taking 92-94 redundancies and the pusser had them back in this year.They were 46, 48 the other 52 signed up to complete the original 22 years. I know of loads of old timers going back in the Mob as they are desperate for experinced men and women.

    Got hurry though soon be no Navy to join with this lots defence cuts. So hurry on down shippers :lol:
  7. Well well, its great to see the ol mob is full of quaint ol me hearties after all. ha! ha! Legends one and all....Bisley, leaving my desk now and en route to carrers office as we speak..............
  8. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Gruff, can confirm that RN is currently actively recruiting AETs as we are somewhat short. Whether you can rejoin at 38 will depend if they are willing to give you an age waiver for a new engagement or if you have been out less than 5 years, where you may be able to finish your original engagement, good luck................got to be better than being a call centre complaints manager, I may have shouted and swore at you recently, sorry but that's your job. :lol:
  9. Dunkers - it's not nice to take the piss!
  10. Now you're really getting silly!
  11. we had quite an old chap join back in at 848 but I think he filled his time out of the mob over at AMG( Yeovilton) so wasn't too far out of the loop, you should pop into an AFCO
  12. Do you realy want to go back? The grass IS greener on the other side if you stay in the aviation world and I don't mean Serco.
  13. They will definately have you back assuming med fit..

    Think about it though, its not the same Navy you left.

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