i want a picture


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I'm sorry to add this as a post but how do you add a picture to your profile.

I feel so left out seeing everyone else's picturesn and cartoons next to their name and i have nothing.

I have tried but without success.


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Save your picture (or avatar) to a free online photo album such as:


Create a free account, upload your pictures, then in your Rum Ration homepage go to 'Account', then 'Account Tools', then 'My Avatar'. Cut and paste the link to your picture and voila! New identity!

This also works for all other photos/cartoons you want to post in threads, galleries, etc.

Any snags let us know, or send one of the Mods a PM.
Sgtpepperband's instruction is fine - if you are familiar with pcs.

If not:

Log in to Rum Ration

Look at the top left corner of the page – under the heading Main Menu

Click on My Account Tools

Click on My Avatar

If you have a photo saved on your pc click Browse

Whatever you chose be sure it is no more than 6K in size or you will get a message refusing to load the picture

If you aren’t sure if a picture is suitable right click on the picture, select properties and it will tell you the size

Play around loading half a dozen pictures one after another until you find one that best reflects the real you

small steps