I want a drink anyone got a dog I can sell


War Hero
I have two important questions. What kind of beer was it and did the bar owner walk the dog before he brought it back?



War Hero
I have two important questions. What kind of beer was it and did the bar owner walk the dog before he brought it back?

Unfortunately the article neglected to report on these two important and relevant points!


Lantern Swinger
rosinacarley said:
The PO Stoker is in charge of the pussies whilst I am ooop north. I am now very very nervous!
So let me get this right, You've left a POMEM in charge of the Pussy whilst your'e swanning about in't Grim North.

Now I'd say that was asking for trouble, hope you left the top of the swarf's before leaving
Don't worry Rosie. Now he's started Rum Rationing he can always ask his cybershipmates what to do if your pussy devours a whole pot of swarfega and he can PM any one of us cat lovers should a few pussies suddenly wish to be relocated at very short notice! :wink: :lol:
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