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That's OK then. Start smoking, and make the most of it for a year when they ban it everywhere! I think we have a dispensation at sea (home/workplace) but I don't know how Messes ashore are going to cope if they ban it in private clubs. Won't be long before they stop the NAAFI selling it (funny how they don't sell chewing gum at sea which the Dentist will recommend you use, but they will sell cigarettes....?!)


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I have a book from 1889,The Family Physician and it heartily reccomends a good smoke to settle the nerves and stomach after a 15 course Breakfast.Somke on dudes!


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UncleAlbert said:
I once asked a new girlfriend if she smoked after having sex.

“Dunno†she said, “I`ve never lookedâ€

PMSL,its the smell of burning rubber that turns my stomach! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


Tryed quittin 4 times in the last 3 months. i think my major downfall was the 1st time was at the beginning of bost, 2nd near the end and the 3rd in defence watches doin jmc (finish this b*ll*cks tomorrow). never a good time really. and the naafi don't make it easier by selling baccy at low low euro prices. right, i'm goin for a tab...


Unc.Al. You sound like a man on the edge, either through smoking or never being able to get into your own bathroom- life with alot of women can be fun, just not first thing in the morning ;)
What about those liquid non-nicotine white cigarette imitation things ?
Worth a shot, surely ?
Aye Jim lad,

And If Taloopy-Taloolah had arsed herself to read a little further she might even have seen this at #4:


Above rant was of course all tongue in cheek, the fact is I packed up a long time ago and it was probably one of the best things I`ve ever done. I found it easy but I know a lot that have found it very difficult.

Posted by UA only 83 mins after his OP wind-up back in Feb 2006.

Must be RR's record for a belated bite. (As my old Granny would say 'It's rained since then' which might explain why T is sooo wet!)

:roll: :sleepy1:

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