I Wanna Smoke


Unc.Al. You sound like a man on the edge, either through smoking or never being able to get into your own bathroom- life with alot of women can be fun, just not first thing in the morning ;)
What about those liquid non-nicotine white cigarette imitation things ?
Worth a shot, surely ?
Aye Jim lad,

And If Taloopy-Taloolah had arsed herself to read a little further she might even have seen this at #4:


Above rant was of course all tongue in cheek, the fact is I packed up a long time ago and it was probably one of the best things I`ve ever done. I found it easy but I know a lot that have found it very difficult.

Posted by UA only 83 mins after his OP wind-up back in Feb 2006.
Must be RR's record for a belated bite. (As my old Granny would say 'It's rained since then' which might explain why T is sooo wet!)

:roll: :sleepy1:
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