I thought that this was the Crab way.


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British raise army in Desert of Death Friday June 23, 01:33 AM

CAMP TOMBSTONE, Afghanistan (Reuters) - The British officer grins with pride as he tells of building an army from scratch in the Desert of Death.

Captain Nigel Booker holds hands -- a traditional sign of male affection -- as he walks with his Afghan counterpart, Major Hamid Ullah, a grizzled ex-Mujahideen fighter who has been waging guerrilla wars for all of Booker's own 29 years.


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A bit cheesy sounding I'll admit, but I think it's good to read that the boys are acutally doing a good job, and that they are getting on well and being well received by the guys they're trying to train. I like that fact that they acknowledge that the Afghans are no nozzers when it comes to scrapping, but just need help in forming themselves into a modern capable army, with all the supporting arms such as logistcs. I've interpreted for guys trying to do the same thing in Iraq, and it appears that in Afghanistan at least, there is cooperation and a willingness to learn. That's not to say that Iraqis aren't receptive to instruction, most of them are, what they're not receptive to however, is constructive criticism, which is an absolute necessity in the training and learning process. A bit off topic, but rant over!
Just thought it good to see a job being well done, and well received.
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