I thought I would emply some woman logic!!!

Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by mrskpickles, Mar 9, 2007.

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  1. I believe from reading another post there was a training place in chatham for military engineers???

    my grandpa served in the RN in 1941-1945, ish. He went to Gibraltar, and he was a lead mech engineer.

    Other thank that I know nothing, and cant get records becuase I cant get next of kins permssion!

    So maybe he could have done some traning at chatham!! Thats the woman logic bit!

    Any input??


  2. Hi Mrs P,

    There was Army mechanical engineers based in and around Chatham but Chatham was also a major naval base. I'm not sure the Naval engineers actually trained at Chatham eg did their branch training there, but there is absolutely no reason why your relative could not have been posted to a Chatham based ship or shore establishment after his branch training.

    Chatham may even have been his home port to find this out we would need his service number.

    If we can find some of his old ships names we can tell from this if he joined a ship at Chatham or if he was a Portsmouth or Devonport rating.

    Your wedding photo is coloured in a very similar way to one my family has of me as a toddler. Some of the colours are identical and were brushed on by hand by the photo studio after a black and white photo was taken. The snapper who took my piccie must have had a bad memory cos he gave me blonde hair when I was in fact much darker in real life. My photo dates from 1949/50.

    I will look through my records and try to find convoys leaving the UK for Gib around 1943 and see which escorts where from the home fleet.

  3. wow you must be really old then!!!!!!! (only kidding!!)

    I am only 25, and find all these old pics so facinating, especially the hand painted ones.

    Thank you for all your help. look forward to the next thrilling installment.

    Thought I might resort to sending the heavies round to my naff relatives to get my info!!

  4. One thing,i remember you saying your grandpa does remember some stuff,ask him if he can remember his service/Official Number.Its one thing that really sticks in the mind.if you can get that then you can acess any service record pertaining to that unique number.
  5. OI behave, :lol: :lol: I have PMed you some more stuff you young pup.

    Pol :evil: :lol: :lol:
  6. Hi Mrs KP

    Chatham in the old days was a large Navy base because at that time we had a Nore command and each ship had a home port--ie Chatham Portsmouth and Devonport . However after the war ww2 all things changed--- in 1959 they started to shut down the Chatham bases.

    However just for you Chatham area had a ME training school [stokers we called them] Also during the 1941 -45 period it was the base for a lot of different class of ships --from small launches to large Cruisers and 'stokers ' were required everywhere .

    What you need really is your grand-dads service documents to tell you his
    history [and his official number]. Normally the oldest family member got the personal stuff when anyone died --so if your Mum/Dad didn't get the paperwork one of your Uncles or Aunts will have it--and his medals probably .

    If you do get anything then come back and tell us--we could give you a history of what he did in the war from the ships names!

    Good hunting :lol: :lol:
  7. Hey, Grandad died in 1999 unfortunately and never talked about the navy...bummer huh!!

    Anyway, my lovely relative who said that they would send the stuff I need still haven't they are a funny bunch, so watch this space, miracles do happen!!!

  8. Keep in touch Mrs P and we will try our best for you.


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