I think there is something wrong with me

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Ja5on, Oct 14, 2009.

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  1. I am starting to get attracted to over forty's women and I am only 27. There is this woman in my office 45ish blonde with sexy legs and I can't stop imagining her naked. Is this normal for blokes my age or am I just perverted.
  2. I think you should post a picture of her so we can discuss this issue further.
  3. As long as she is not a bloke it is OK
  4. Ja5on,

    I wouldn't worry about it.

    I've always had a thing for the older women but,
    at the age of 70, there aren't any.

  5. Just google MILF, many a fine tune played on an old fiddle :twisted:
  6. Don't fight the urge. You'll learn so much, for which you will be grateful for in later life.
  7. Like a fine wine
    Mature, friuty and always goes down well
  8. What's wrong with older women?
    Just take a look at Liz Hurley, I'd marry her any day. :wink:
  9. She's a youngster, Joan Collins was on the telly yesterday...she'd still get it :twisted:
  10. As long as she's still warm............... :wink:
  11. a lot of experience in that GGILF
    you would be able to tickle her nips and twat with the same hand therefore allowing other hand to assist in consumption of ale.
  12. Joanna Lumley does it for me :)
  13. Good shout :thumbright:
  14. Haven't got a picture but she looks like a cross between Pamela anderson and sandra bullock. At least I am normal then.

  15. Joanna yessssss , in fact any good looking chick over 40 does it for me , mmmmmm :roll: :lol: :roll:

  16. Yea your normal but I'd go for the Penny Smith lookalike myself ......
  17. Don't worry Ja5on, its quite normal to be infatuated by older people. At school all the men and women I admired (mostly scientists) were grey haired and the men were typically bearded, so I too wanted to be mature and bearded.

    I still find older men (bearded) attractive.

    Luckily for Uncle Albert, he shaved his off... or so he claims! :wink:
  18. The man has a point!!!! :wink:
  19. Well keep her in the airing cupboard then she'll stay warm. I'm not sure how embalming fluid affects core body temperature though. Perhaps Angrydoc can enlighten us? :twisted: :?

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