I think I've been scammed by a RM impersonator

Hi. I wondered if someone on this forum could help me. I am a woman who started an Internet 'relationship' with a man who claimed to work in a civilian capacity at CTC Lympstone. He said he was a Royal Marine until 2015 and that when he left he was diagnosed with a rare terminal illness called Amyloidosis and that he tried to sue the MOD for their medical staff not picking up on it. He said he was a trim team member. I am cringing writing this because it now sounds so obvious that he was a fraud. I asked for military ID and he sent me a photo of ID which I think is obviously fake Military ID. I do have a voice recording and he is Scottish, says he's from Edinburgh originally. I asked for pictures of him as a recruit or in Uniform. I do have a picture of him as a very young man in Uniform. I have another pic of him in Uniform but the beret bit is cut off, I was wondering if he could have been in the army originally but is pretending to be a green lid. He has not tried to get money from me but has requested photos which I stupidly sent. The good news is that all my research into the RM means I am fascinated by the Corp, have watched all the documentaries including Behind the Lines..just love it! But I think his fake ID should get reported, need to send it to a Walter Mitty Dpt somewhere and I also want to know if he's scammed anyone else. Any advice from folks on here would be welcome. By the way, 'met' him on FAB and those who are in the know will know what that means. Thankyou.


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It's Corps but pronounced core. :)
You'll find the Walter Mitty Hunters Club on Facebook. Or try posting on our sister site Arrse.
Walts don't bother me personally unless they're walting to gain pecuniary advantage. Someone else might be along who does and might be willing to help.
Have you got a photo of him in a dress? If you haven't he's definitely a Walt....