I think I smell a bored Rumrat

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Pontius, Apr 24, 2011.

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  1. No man it sur not be me, dey all talkin too much technic stuff, I cain't tell a waltz from a tango. I was a tinkin AFCO was de african conference but massa tell me no.
    Theres one talk bout supply chain, and tell bout a link.
    Chains and links I relate too, but man I aint never erd o'the rest?
    I's jez a simple nigga an is too busy wich wreckers cotton tu be makin neverminds wich yo white boys.
    Ain I no nuffin's bout yor car disappearin neiver.
  2. I'm sure it's a wind up and the prose looked similar to past writings of yours. On the other hand, he does sound quite genuine and very much like the nice prince in Nigeria, to whom I've just emailed all my bank details :iconbiggrin:

    So, if not you: who? @[email protected]
  3. You can trust me I is a docta, an Ias been studin the treads of late.
    I sees a numba of de top poster men is not active, an I's pondrin ifn dey is using sudernims, or maybe is just tending to be anuver bod.
    Now u is telligent white boy, an u cain see dat I's speakin good sense.
    I's can tel yo'all it aint wrecker though, as he havin trouble jus memberin who he is him ownself.
    Why the masa he just mumblin and dribble mayhap, but he aint sneaky like. Masa wrecker, he tempance, he don drink corn.
  4. I eat corn you buffoon, and drink whisky now git back in the damn field or Isa gonna give you anuther whuppin' boy. You know how I hate to do that!!!
  5. Yous a dumb as white boy, corn whiskey is all we gets in these backwoods. pecker head.
  6. That's what we give the employee's FFS, the good stuff is for us gentlefolk up in the big house.
  7. Funny but I saw this post replicated on the RN Recruitment Facebook page too. Surely Rummers hasnt mastered Facebook too........... god help us if he has

  8. Fuck facebook, thats a dangerous place to go. Its full of weirdos who swear and out you as a Walt when your name might be Bill.
    I's a fussy nigga I just stays close too the barrack-coon, and make more stock for the boss man.

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