I think he should join the navy.


War Hero
A wind-up, surely?

If the guy is remotely genuine, then it's reflective of society as we get Polish enquirers in "my" AFCO every week, some not even qualified in Battlefield 3.

Britain certainly recruited Polaks during WWII, but not anymore unfortunately.

By comparison we sometimes accept people from non-EU countries who claim refugee status, bin their ID upon arrival in UK & are subsequently awarded a new ID & UK citizenship after a few years, such as this individual: BBC News - Royal Navy wren jailed for smuggling cocaine on warship

Funny old world.


Pity he seems to have missed the bus with his own Army; apparently (latest ISAF/NATO Placemat, current as of 18 October 2011) the Polish Army have almost 3,000 in/committed to Afghanistan bit but they are due to withdraw in 2012.

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