i shouldn't post this but i will

Dear RN,

I can't see how you could have broken any rule about what can be posted mate. All you have done is be open about something and since we don't know who you are that's no problem for you. A lot of people use RR to help solve problems in their lives such as loneliness etc. God I think the whole internet would breakdown if there weren't any lonely people. I can't advise about medical probs but perhaps a couple of guys can send you a private message about that aspect. All I'd say is that you are not alone and need to talk to people about your fears. Making you wait so long for results is dreadful and I deeply sympathise. If you can't talk to family and friends about it RR is here - many of us will be logging on over Xmas and the New Year so you won't be on your own. Best wishes ...
We've never met, chances are we never will and even if we did, we wouldn't know each other, yet I will be thinking of you over the next few weeks.
Why ?
Because, thats why.
You are obviously going through a rough time and me telling you not to worry about things that you can't change won't help, but me telling you that people on this site DO care, and are here online, at least tell you that all you need to do is post a message and it WILL be answered by someone soon may help you.
Shit, no-one deserves to go through what you are going through ONCE in a lifetime, let alone TWICE, but the thing is, from an "outsiders" point of view, you have already shown what sort of man you are by picking yourself up and getting on with your life the first time this happened to you, you can do the same again and knowing that there are people willing to listen and talk to you whenever you need it may be of some comfort.
Good luck with your training, this won't effect you joining up, but at 22 you will soon get fed up with the kids who join with you!!


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The Avatar thief has summed it up rather well! He's not all bad is he!!

Let us all know how you are getting on, we're thinking of you!!!
noemis said:
The Avatar thief has summed it up rather well! He's not all bad is he!!

Let us all know how you are getting on, we're thinking of you!!!

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I know exactly what you're going through as I had a hydrocele myself a couple of years back. Wasn't very pleasent when the doc in Fazzers stuck a needle in my bollock to drain the fluid off. Makes you worry a bit about the ol' two veg. Then I found a lump and went straight in to have a scan but fortunately it was nothing, but scary all the same. I then had to have an op on the hydrocele because the fluid kept returning, but now all's well.

Most people are reluctant to talk about things like this as it's a bit of an emabarassing subject but you'll find that for most things you'll encounter somebody on RR will have experienced it and will be able to give you some useful advice.


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this IS part of the Royal Navy now......with so many current, ex and those about to begin the grand adventure.........one thing you will learn is that your shipmates come first, second and third (with beer in close attendance), if you've got a problem or think you have....there will be someone to talk to........
relax shippers and try and have a good xmas