I shouldn't have been allowed a punt

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by asst_dep_to_dep_asst, Feb 14, 2008.

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  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/7243656.stm

    This lad had an agreement with his favourite betting operation that he should be allowed no further bets.

    He opened a new account and lost £2m, so is it the betting shop's fault, or his own?

    Gambling can be a terrible addiction, but where does it become someone else's fault when an addict falls off the wagon?
  2. Bloody ridiculous, it shouldn't even get to court.

    He had a free choice, and it's his own responsibility.
  3. And of course if he had won a substantial amount of money it would have been returned to the bookie. :pukel:
  4. What rubbish, they closed the account as he asked them to, and then he opened a new account with them, admittedly under the same name, I wonder if he was asked at any point if he already had an existing account.
  5. Who gives a fcuk? He's a sad loser in more ways than one.
  6. Bet he wont win!
  7. On the logic of his argument, kiddie fiddlers would be able to sue parents for allowing children to play in parks, thus providing them with the temptation...

    Whatever happened to personal responsibility? :frustrated:

    Still, at least the lawyers will make a mint... :money:
  8. Bet he will!

    Slightly more seriously, will depend as always on the small print on betting accounts & "self exclusion". Whatever happens the lawyers are laughing all the way to the bank/bookies.

    Fully agree that accepting personal responsibility should stop this getting anywhere near the courts.
  9. Trouble is every betting shop has a number of forms on the counter
    Stating if you feel you have a gambling problem, complete the form and at your request you will be banned from placing any further bets

    Unfortunatley the ball now appearS in their court,

    As Slim said did he return any winnings err NO

    When did he complain. only after losing a lot, Not a whisper when he was winning

    So we now know what to do, Before you fill in your betting slip fill in the please ban me form

    win win situation

    Jack McH
  10. Check out your local High Street, and
    see if that old building (which used to
    ba a Bank) is now a "Bet Fred" Bookies,
    or some other type of gambling place,
    and I BET there's a Cash-Point right
    outside the place. There are at least
    five that I know of locally.


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