I shave my head.

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by GSSR_Vvd, Aug 20, 2007.

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  1. As i am loosing my hair i have decided (and have done for about a year now) to shave my hair off. Not a problem i hear you think, however, i have it really short (a number 1, about 3mm). An old mate who is in the RN told me that he too had the same cut and got a real telling off. Is 3mm too short or should i grow it closer to my joining? Just a thought :)
  2. as going bald would be alrite
  3. The regulation allowing baldicoots to shave their heads was introduced circa 97/98. Prior to then, the Kojaks would have theoretically been in contravenion of QRs etc. Personally, I think this regulation was a far bigger mistake than any of the social changes that have taken place in the RN before or since, since nothing improves morale like the chance to laugh at a good combover.
  4. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator


    I've been shaving my head for about 15 years! If I didn't I'd look like the bloke in my avatar anyway. I was once politely pulled aside by the skipper and told not to sport a cult haircut, I replied that I would grow it but even given 10 years he probably wouldn't really notice. The skipper smiled and replied "yes point taken Chief"
  5. It's not that growwing it is a problem it just that when i do it looks stupid.
  6. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Yes, yes , yes me too, I could obviously grow it if I really wanted to, it's just that I think hair makes a bloke look like a girl! :afro:
  7. I wouldn't worry about it to be honest - I'm just on summer leave from Raleigh at the minute and go back into week 4... I usually shave my head with a 0 every week but didnt get chance to do that so did the next best with a razor and patience and Kojak'd it - no problem from the PO's and i've done it twice now. Maybes it depends on the PO's you get in training? I'm one of the older ones there and apart from the occassional p*ss take about it they didn;t seem too bothered!
  8. Maybe its due to the fact that its been a perfectly acceptable hairstyle for several years.
  9. you'll be fine, rules say the hairdresser at raleigh will only do you a number 2, (she did me a no1 when I asked nicely) but there will always be people with clippers in the mess and you see loads of phase one's with grade 0 hair.. some of the DIY attempts at "short back and sides" were quite amusing though!
  10. i think the disagreement from pusser about bein a slap head stemmed from when thugs had baldy heads im a slaphead now but i wuoldnt have been allowed this haircut when i was in the mob ....... but then again i had a pretty good mop then so it wouldnt have occured to me
  11. I joined with one of these :afro: It all leaves within 48hrs whatever your circumstances. dont worry about it!!
  12. I had a zero for years, as did a lot of the lads, when that stupid rule came in we just ignored it, after all they can't force you to grow it, just shave it every day or week and say you can't grow it. I never met anyone who cared to enforce it.
    Anyway, from when I joined up in the eighties I would have liked a quid for every time I was told to get my hair cut.
  13. In the 70s short hair was discouraged because of the right-wing skinhead thing.
    I too was going bald (from the age of 18) and got myself a number two. I got one or two moans but nothing more than that.
    I had to say that I was not a Nazi moron on a couple of occasions but not much else.
    Wasn't there something about having hair so it could be grabbed if you fell out of a boat? Imagine the ignomy of being pulled out of the drink by your comb over. I'd settle for the ears!
  14. At least you will never hear the immortal expression from the GI:

    'Am I hurting you lad'?
    'No, GI'
    'Well I should be, I'm standing on your f**ing hair'! ---- ;)
  15. I shave my head too, blade less. I thought about growing a mullet and combing it over, but the Deeps Southern look isnt in this year. If they see you are receding it shouldnt be a problem, unless they get really ****. I also shave my back wheels. Just thought I would throw that one in.

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