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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by code_tdy, Nov 5, 2007.

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  1. So whats all this about a range supervisor fails his weapons handling during PDT? Surely not one of AWFP's finest hours.............. :toilet:
  2. They might have trouble firing 7.76mm through a Gimpie...always found 7.62mm preferable...lol!!

    What is this National AWFP bashing day...!!
  3. Isn't it 7.62mm? Not that I'd know
  4. See there,s even sat lag at this time of night
  5. We could all sit here and recall moments where the RNR have less than excelled themselves....to include loggies, comms, seaman, minewarfare etc etc...!

    When we are looking to the future and our continued existence I think it is a good idea that we bear the follwoing in mind..!!

    The Navy ethos for those who have read it..!

    "The enduring spirit derived from our people's loyalty to their ship, unit or team sustained by high professional standards and strong leadership, that gives us courage in adversity and the determinationto fight and win"

    If people have training issues then Im sure the will be addressed through the normal process and chain of command, picking it to pieces in a public forum is not helpful and I feel doesnt promote the service in which we serve as per the above statement..!!

  6. Phew! Cant take a joke shouldnt have joined. I take your point completely about maintaining a composure under duress - stiff upper and all that but here we have a case of holier than thou incompetence, promotion beyond ability (whilst P7R some say) and general sh*t headedness of the kind that brings us all down. If the cap fits wear it but if its too big get one with a smaller badge on it. We all have a responsibility, especially now we dont have an R to hide behind as many may have done, to be as professional as possible and turning up for PDT as a rootin tootin gun totin type without the foggiest of what you do with a weapon does no one any favours at all. There you go my rants bigger than your rant. Can we calm down now and get on with normal provocative stuff. Mutual slander is after all what makes us great in a revers psychology sort of way.
  7. most of the (what is laughingly called a) comms branch in my unit struggle to work the main broadcast, let alone anything as complicated as a radio. Many a night we have amused ourselves with renditions of the tannoy crackling into life with a resounding"bing Bong" followed closely by the words "is all". Having come from a TA signals unit supporting Shhhhh you know who, I know a little about communications, so the RNR came as a bit of a suprise to me. The level of Dungeons and Dragons knowledge is outstanding, and Risk skills are well above those expected of an AB, although unfortunatley this is as close as any of them usually get to a war zone.
  8. Could not agree more. Just shows that even us members of the AWFP specialisation are human and make mistakes at least it came out during PDT and not on an actual deployment.
  9. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Didn't anyone ever tell you that a little knowledge is dangerous? :)

    As an ex-communicator I recognise that operational skills became rusty with the loss of 10MCM, however, put the RNRs back into operational comms environments and they typically recovered their skills in a short time. The problem with comms is that the unit is not best place to train, hence comms rates in unit are not a good reflection on their true skills.
  10. You're not a Russian spy are you? Slip of the finger? habit through training?
  11. How about comms rates that get seen off by a killick muppet in the fleetwork trainer on a merwex...irrespective of in branch training out of branch training every brach has its numpties...FACT!
  12. I simply make the observation that CIS as it must now be addressed is the only branch in the RNR with two OPS scalars for AB. This largely due to Flagwaggers work before he legged it to be with the first nation people but now complete. What that means is that now (very now from October) a new entry will outturn at the end of three years at the same OPS as his / her CIS RN counterpart. Thats why they have the same warfare badge with the suffix CIS on it as the RN..

    Also some of them have NAPWT as an adqual too which is really what AWFP is isnt it? A branch made up from an adqual??
  13. And whats all this fleetwork trainer stuff??? Dont you seaman types know we dont do that anymore?
  14. It was a couple of years ago...!!
  15. Hmm bit of a broad brush that.....when you consider OG518, OG547, OG548, OG 546 and OG 519 plus Gimpie, Small arms Maintainers...some f**kin adqual!
  16. Yes all very in your face but when CIS ratings go on ops its on the QT and usually with an AK47 in some sandy warm place or the NAG. Do you get trained on them too? CIS ratings love the sound of AK47 in the mornings
  17. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Never said that there weren't numpties in the Comms branch - there were some people who I never trusted in the FWT (although the RNLI were pleased to see them!) and who I'd trust even less at sea. The FWT is, like the unit, an artificial training environment - being able to perform in the FWT doesn't mean that you're going to be able to do the job at sea, however, f*kcing up in the FWT is usually a good indicator that the Bridge/Ops-Room is not for you! :)
  18. Never a truer word me ol' mate. The eighty twenty rule applies in reverse I guess to all Reservists. 20% can do the job the others just have a uniform fetish. I often wonder how many of them manage to get through recruiting to NE in the first place.
  19. I know this has been done to death but here goes anyway. I recently attended sea weekend on one of the sweepers. While i knew a few of the RNR's (they were from my unit) there was approx half the RNR's i didnt know. It turns out that many of them were very inexperienced and had not attended one of these weekends before. Because everyone was wearing the RN tabs i didnt know who needed guidance and who didn't. If they had had the RNR flash it would have been easier.

    Picture the scene;

    After four hours on board we were laying a drill mine, a rating was stood by watching, looking interested but not getting involved. i walked over "are you alright ship mate, are you happy with what they're doing and why they're doing it" etc etc?

    It turned out to be one of the crew :oops: !!!!

    I still think there's a place for RNR tabs.

    There - I'm done.

    PS. I Lurved the fleetwork trainer!!! :crybaby:
  20. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Me too - I was so sad when they took it off me that I emigrated :)

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