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Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by Naval_Gazer, Dec 9, 2007.

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  1. Sunday Times Article

    Is there no stopping the Government from reducing us to a third rate navy? If we can only manage to participate in one major exercise next year and all we can field is a carrier with one destroyer and one frigate while the rest of the Fleet decays alongside, what is that going to do to our operational capability? I hope everyone not on exercise is playing lots of multi-user computer games. At this rate, that's the closest they're going to get to live operational training with other units.
  2. Due to lack of interest, the Royal Navy has been cancelled.
  3. A £15 billion black hole! We've just bailed out Northern Rock's incompetent directors and the shareholders who elected them to the tune of £40 billion, and we can't afford the defend our shores. Some priority! The government's only redeeming feature in this debacle is the fact that 40% of tax revenues come, believe it or not, from the City of London.
  4. And we can find £9 billion for the Olympics...

  5. Yep… works out at £140,000 per competitor. :threaten:
  6. Its like the olden days when they use to lay off Captains and crews etc just before the French kicked off and Nelson had to sort them out.

    Not that I've got anything against the French.
  7. Last one out switch off lights and lock the door.
  8. Maybe not - but that's one helluva memory you have there....
  9. Napoleon was a twat!!
  10. And yet he always spoke so highly of you

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