I sat my RT for CIS (surface fleet) in March 2011, when am I likely to start?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by COLIN_87, Aug 27, 2012.

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  1. I've passed everything, fitness test, medical, selection interview and security check has been completed. I was told when I passed the RT last March the wait is around 24-30 months, is this still correct? I spoke to someone on the Facebook page who did the RT 6 months before me and he has been told he is quite near the top of the list, and the next CIS course is May 2013, which hopefully bodes well for me. Any help or advice would be great, cheers. Colin.
  2. Can anyone help?
  3. Have you asked your AFCO?
  4. Whenever I call them it varies from 24-30 months! Wondered if anyone here had an idea/heard anything different.
  5. Bet you a tenner that it's somewhere between 2-2.5 years.

    Right, I'm going to go back to Lil's and will let someone more helpful give you an answer. Best of luck with everything Colin
  6. That was the most diplomatic "**** off" I've heard in a coons age.
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  7. Heh, thanks :)
  8. last time i spoke to my AFCO it was 24-30 months
  9. Cheers. By the way my recruitment process was like this

    October 2010: Applied
    March 2011: RT
    February 2012 Eye test
    March 2012: Medical
    April: Fitness test (10:47)
    May: Selection interview

    Now waiting for PRNC
  10. I spoke to my AFCO yesterday as i had done my RT back in April 2011 and i have completed everything now. They said it was still at 24 months which means so far ive waited 16 months and they said the fact that everything has been completed means i am on track to get a start date between April 2013 and Summer 2013.

    It's a CIS Submariner i'm going in as.
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  11. I sat RT June 2010, start October 2012. Same branch.
  12. Thanks, hopefully this time next year I'll be well away then... cheers everyone :)
  13. Word of advice - if you absolutely must do drugs then use Rumrat's. NJ123's are apparently dodgy.

    And Rummers, I don't think I'm quite integrated enough to tell anyone here to **** off. It was more a polite "I believe your AFCO, and I want your money"
  14. We won't need drugs soon, if things don't liven up on RR we'll all fall asleep anyway.
    I phone up samaritans now and again to cheer myself up.
    The twat at the other end sounds like an undertaker with the blues.
  15. Waiting time bust be getting shorter, I started the process march 2012, was told there was 18 month wait, im due to start my basic training october this year, cissm that is.
  16. Hopefully, though I'm pretty sure the waiting times are shorter for submariner roles than for surface fleet roles.
  17. I applied in October and was told on my exam it was 16 months its been 5 months since so should be about a year for me, however I've been told I could be waiting up to two years
  18. Thanks. I still haven't heard anything!
  19. Same here, don't worry though. I'm sure its only a matter of time before we hear something!
  20. Just got a call from my afco about 10 minutes ago telling me I have a date for February next year, so expect some news soon.

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