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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by (granny), May 13, 2013.

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  1. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    I've noticed recently an upsurge in derogatory remarks aimed at those of us who are from a much older generation. We, most of us, try to give something to the site. So we are a bit ancient.....but never forget we were of the Navy that DID have it's Rum Ration. We like to reminisce about our experiences, what's wrong with that? I'd hate to be shoved to one side and treated as an 'old fart' not worth listening to. The present is History tomorrow. So give us a break, give us shit if you want, but don't begrudge us our memories.
    (incoming expected...:D)
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  2. No incoming from me, I'm 61, a non tot receiver so really!! Does that make me a young un??????

    Still have my memories.

    The youngsters are just living theirs right now!!:grin:

    Edited to add.

    If it hadn't been for my uncles dits of daring do I wouldn't have joined.

    Long live old age!
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  3. AAF

    AAF War Hero

    Also 61, the site is for serving and ex mob/RM so should not be a problem if someone starts a dit with..''During the war...''
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  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    I heard a similar offhand comment passed by someone in recruiting management quite recently, stating that recruits don't want to hear "Falklands bollocks" and suchlike.

    Fine, they needn't read the answers when someone who is interested in Naval history asks the question.

    At the same time service veterans might not particularly be interested in the trials and tribulations of joining the service, but the site to my mind, caters for all and the experience of others may well benefit those yet to gain that experience.
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  5. I hope that the input of some of us "oldies" does have its place. OK some of the more modern requests I haven't a scoobies what they are on about ... like WTF is a "Career Manager" or is it Drafty??? But yes I do like somewhere that us oldies can spin a few dits etc.
    History also has a habit of repeating itself so perhaps the young un's can learn something from our experiences??? Would hope so.
  6. I can fight both corners. My body is 56 but my brain is stuck at 16 (according to 'er indoors) ;)
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  7. As a young un I can honestly say that I love hearing old dits. It really does help with keeping the motivation up over the long waits.
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  8. When you sit down and think of it, Rum Ration is directed or calls out to the old and bolds.

    It has been many a year, over 40 to be exact that the official 'tot' disappeared from both Jacks language and daily routine.

    Todays tars don't get the real McCoy, neither did I and I served 24 years and left the mob over 20 years ago. So young-uns - enter RR at your peril!!!!! Har de Har!!:thumbup:=D
  9. Definitely mate, this site has been giving me a right laugh since I applied, have to agree with the motivation bit as well :thumbup:

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  10. [​IMG]

    ...............I was on the Red Sea when the Dead Sea reported sick...............................
  11. I enjoy playing "spot the original dit".Originals like Monty's Snot ball(in another thread) come around from time to time but quite a few are have been recycled form times gone by and placed in a modern setting.No complaints though as a good dit is always worth retelling.
  12. 'When I was in the Sudan with General Kitchener''...

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  13. Just because you joined the King's Navy there's no need to be so critical of the yoof of today, after all, you and I were like them once, :eek:mg:, well almost, except we had better manners and more respect for our elders, and proper uniforms, and lots of ships, and blue liners, and rum, and all the NICE girls loved a sailor, and a few more things I've probably forgotten. :blank:
    Just give them a chance and when they grow up they might be nearly as nice as us.:angel7:

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  14. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    I don't discriminate against the oldies on here as I'd quite like to be one myself one day! Shit should be slung to those deserving of it no matter what age or rate. The gobby sprogs are the most deserving of abuse IMO.
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  15. I had a black hat,took my hammock on drafts, knew Gordie Joyce, Big Silv, got tattooed by Pinky knew side party Jenney had to change into civvies in Aggie Westons, had big eats in the Traff club, punch ups in the Lennox and the Wilshire Grey and missed D.Q.s twice by the skin of my teeth. 2BM. and Granny who attained senior rate rank are examples to aspire to. As for me ;- I can serve as a bad example.
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  16. '
    ^ Wot they all said...

    T'was a sad day when Pusser's grey's were built minus scuttles...

    (Even sadder when my son's schoolmate came out on his 22 yr pensh. a few years back. :shock: :cry: )
  17. While we are down memory lane, any of the dark side remember the name of the fleet chief or whatever he was that was in charge of the club in Dolphin in the 70's, he used to sit in there most nights with his wife, big ugly fker, bit of a tash, strange haircut, long hairy arms, tattoos between thumb and index finger, he was a little bloke always pissed
  18. He sounds harmless enough.............its his wife that scares the fcuk out of me !
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