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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by The_Wonderer, May 26, 2007.

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  1. I hope this isnt going to be read as a somewhat "racist", or "anti immigrant" thread etc, but did anyone watch Newsnight on Friday?. Apparantly, (if memory serves) when surveyed, only 73% thought that British citizens should get priority for social housing, and 27% dont 8O .
    Just what are those 27% (if that figure is correct :? ) on exactly?
  2. stop being racist wonderer :D :D :D :D :D :D
  3. How many people were surveyed?
    And out of that number, what percentage were immigrants or communists or even asked a question that could be answered in any number of ways to give the interviewer the answer required regardless?

    Be very careful taking in what you see/hear on the media mate, its all subjective :)

  4. That 27% are Foreign and on benefits :twisted:
  5. Yeah probably :?
  6. fair enough - good point

    (seriously though) - being a man of mixed race, and living in the heart of Toxteth, I'd have a bit of a hard time doing so :lol:
  8. I didn't watch the Newsnight programme in question and so can't comment on its content. I do agree with Lamri in that surveys can be twisted to give the required statistics, and also depend on who gets targeted to answer the questions.

    I think in general that it's the UK's poor and unemployed (of whatever colour, race or creed) who suffer most from the new wave of migrants. Those that are fairly well off are pretty much unaffected.

    I don't have a problem with the legal migrants (such as the Poles) that come here to forge a new life when they bring with them skills and a willingness to work hard, but not when they expect to walk into the country and jump the housing queue and obtain accomodation when our own citizens can't get it. If anyone wants to settle in this country they should be responsible for finding their own place to live. If I wanted to migrate to somewhere such as Australia (and I have looked into it), I wouldn't be able to get the state there to give me somewhere to live nor start giving me social security handouts.

    I firmly believe that illegal migrants should have nothing given to them by the state. That means no housing and no benefits of any other kind. They should be deported immediately. If anyone decides to employ illegal migrants they should face hefty fines. The country needs to disuade illegal migrants from coming here in the first place. Most of them come here in the belief that they will be housed and receive benefits.
  9. Perhaps those 27% believe that housing should be given to people based on perceived need and nothing else, which in itself is not indefensible.
  10. This implies that the current situation is that the indigenous British are NOT favoured for housing over foreigners, is this right? And if so, why?!

    Baffled :? :? :? :?
  11. This Lifeboat to the World will only hold so many , sorry for being so simplistic , but that's the way it is , we can only take so many before we sink .
  12. Immigrants do not get priority over British subjects as I understand it, whether they are economic migrants or asylum seekers. Asylum seekers are housed in Detention Centres pending review of the legitimacy of their claim. Immigrants where they are housed by a local authority are given the accommodation that the denizens of that community refuse to live in, often below the housing standard we have become accustomed to these days.
  13. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Immigrants, asylum seekers, single mums and the long term unemployed get council house. The reason they get them is because the council/govt have to pick up the tab, and it's cheaper to pay rent for a council house than a housing association house. if your an honest hard working british native guess what house you'll get offered? criminal really because the rent you have to pay for a housing association pad means you wont be able to save much money for a deposit for a mortgage, you will be paying the same amount of money in rent as you would for a mortgage. :x
  14. Only 73percent?
    By any stretch of the imagination that is a considerable majority.
  15. It takes effort to swim to a lifeboat, perhaps these people should be welcomed as the new workers who will pay for the pensions of the rest of us; given the low birthrate of the indigenous population.
    Spain for example has a very low birthrate it not being at all unusual for a married couple to have nil children these days. Those producing the next generation of workers are largely south american immigrants who have a much higher birthrate. There is also the largest EU population of illegal workers to do all those jobs nobody else wants to do.
    Roundabouts and swings I reckon.
    I wouldn't worry about the whole thing sinking just yet :wink:
  16. I think we are far to soft and let to many of them through the gate!
    However is it our own fault??? going back to when we ruled the world?

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