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I Phone Screen


Lantern Swinger


War Hero
yes indeed popeye, Ebay is littered with kits (almost always includes the torx or whatever screwdriver you need for your particular model). If you have trouble finding or shipping one for cheaps holla back here.

I did one for a friend, her second, the first one cost her $150 at an apple store, I found one for $17........ just for comparison like...
Hey i suggest you to connect your nearest iphone services station.
because iphone is very delicate phone and it you solve one problem then may be second occurs.


War Hero
popeye123 said:
I dropped my I Phone and shattered the glass, is it possible to repair this. Thanks in advance


Yes it takes about four hours and loads of patience!!!!


Lantern Swinger
Or if you don't trust your own technical skills, it costs around £130 at the local O2 shop, and you get it back about a week later..
I found this place.Very reasonable rates and excellent service.
£25.00 inc p&p and vat to replace the dock/charge port on my ipod touch.Took 2 days to get it back.
Apple wanted £170.00.
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