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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by TheAaronP, Sep 23, 2008.

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  1. Went for my RT today and passed!

    Im very happy, if im honest i wasn't nervous leading up to it but was worried when i came out of it, the maths section was a little harder than i imagined from the test booklet (although, it has been 7 years since i did my GCSE's).

    So yea, im chuffed, really happy.

    I went for AET, and according to a CPO there i scored "exceptionally high".

    I have my interview booked for the 7th of October, two weeks today!

  2. Well done AP, best of luck with the rest of your career.
  3. Congratulations. Aaron.
  4. Well done mate. After the RT the process moved very fast for me. Just waiting for the start date now mate!!
  5. Congratulations! I hope it all does go quickly for you from here on in
  6. Thanks guys, its nearly 8pm, im sitting here flicking through youtube, and ive still got a smile on my face!

    Love it! :D
  7. Well done mate I know how you feel, Im going in as AET on 5th Oct, can't wait, I got my date pretty quickly, just keep ringing and asking.
  8. Well done Aaron.

    I'm sure you will be an excellent WAFU :thumright:

    Just remember it stands for 'We Are F*kin Unique/ Don't let the General Service tell you otherwise.
  9. Love it mate, cheers Waspie ;)
  10. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    How strange, I've spent 27 years thinking it stood for Wet And .....[​IMG]
  11. Well done :) I'm in the same situation as you are really.. Except I originally applied as a Seaman specialist but as I scored well enough, I changed my mind to AET.
    Slightly different process at our AFCO though, as the next process for me is the medical and then the fitness, and then the interview. Not sure why it's different from everyone else's but I hope that doesn't affect the waiting time because I'm looking forward to my career in the RN!
  12. Well done fella. May see you at Raleigh.

  13. Changing your decison was probably the best thing you could of done (in my opinion), my brother is an AET at the moment, and hes loving it, abotu 3 weeks away from taking his QM and QS and becoming fully qualified.

    Cheers Stepto ;)
  14. Ha wait till you get to sultan! Naa mate best branch in the fleet and best job in the fleet air arm.
  15. Good to hear that from people who have experienced it, i'm sure i've made the right decision now. :)
  16. I passed my test last Monday, and have my interview on 14th of October.
    Its strange but im looking foward to it.

    Good Luck to you.

  17. Hiya Holly,

    Thats a week after my interview :) Good luck! Well done on passing your test too, what trade are you going for?
  18. Hey Aaron,

    I am going for Seamanship Specialist, and you?

    Good luck for your interview

  19. AET for me. :)

    Stay in touch and let us know your progress :)
  20. :thumright:
    :thumright: " Airey Faireys/ Airy Faireys/ to the flight deck you must go"! often sang by the fisheads to the Bugle call Hands to Flying Station :thanks: :thumright:

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