i no longer give a fuck

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by arfur_finger, Mar 25, 2010.

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  1. so there bollocks to yer
  2. So many tossers on here that are not even in the navy who think they are witty and clever who are really just a set of sad fuckers with nowt better to do than abuse, put down and nominat e for cock of the whatever we feel like....well if your that sad then fuck you all, you are all a really saqd advertisement for the navy

    spelling like a mong as pissed as a newt
  3. But really, who do you all think you are to judge people like you do, i suggest you take a long hard look in a mirror befor judgeing others

    edited again for spaka pished up sphellllling ....hic

    that icludes jenny dabber as just for your info i am really stumpinuts33

    and yes jenny you are the ugliest floppy titted arrogent wasp chewing mother fucker i have ever laid eyes on

    and you have all contributed to panorama.....see yer
  4. top tip to stop the stars while swearing. fuck cunt :thumbleft:
  5. Re: i no longer give a *

    Might be quite sprogy but you can go and do one cuntychops.
  6. Re: i no longer give a *

    I hope the sun catche yer and burns you to a crisp like all the other scottish ginger twats who cant speak english
  7. you've got 60 odd posts in 4 days... and we're the sad ones!

    Good one :roll:
  8. Re: i no longer give a *

    Yes cos your all a bunch of sad retards
  9. Re: i no longer give a *

    I see we have a evolution dodger on hands.
  10. Re: i no longer give a *

    bear in mind you have 560 in 4 months....higher ratio than me....look at the figure befor e trying to be clever silly cnut
  11. Re: i no longer give a *

    Am I dripping like a small child because someone said something nasty to me... no!?

    You were already banned once as stumpinuts33, you came back to try and be the big man by nominating people for COTW etc and you ended up back where you started. Do us all a favour and fcuk off somewhere else!
  12. Re: i no longer give a *

    not really in a favour giving mood, i may be a cock, but i can change that....you will always be an ugly silly cunt
  13. see your still getting stars in your posts now fuckoff cunt
  14. Re: i no longer give a *

    fookoff yerself you mong
  15. Re: i no longer give a *

    stick yer number on you brave twat and i can tell you to fook of in person rather than hiding in a forum cocky cnut
  16. Re: i no longer give a *

    I see you've set aside this special time to humiliate yourself in public
  17. Re: i no longer give a *

    looking at your avatar i think you embarresed yersen......got pants like ashley cole
  18. like the thread states...i dont give a fcuk
  19. Re: i no longer give a *

    the picture isnt me so ram it

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