i News: "'You’re Only Ever 15 minutes Away From Launching A Missile': What It Was Like To Be A Cold War Submariner"


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I was told that the "melt on your skin" 8's were brought in for submariners only as it was quick drying, easy clean stuff and was so good (and cheap) that it was adopted fleet wide. Whether that's true or not I don't know but it has a ring of authenticity about it.
I can remember when I was issued with it in the early 70s and the reasons given at the time were those you have outlined. I think the Nuc. boats were the first to get it.


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Correct, it was nomex up until they brought cotton back in, before that it was man made fibres and because they were cheaper than cotton GS got them, all tickety boo until the Falklands.
Apparently the stuff racing car drivers use to wear?