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I need your help... MSc research

Dear all current serving personnel,

I am currently conducting research on the Armed Forces having left back in 2005 an ex AvTech. My research will evaluate the level commitment with relation to leadership and organisational climate.

I am studying an MSc in Occupational Psychology (studying at the U of Gloucestershire) and thus am looking for willing (only willing) participants to complete a short questionnaire. It is certainly not funded by anyone (although I have used my ELCAS allowance to pay £1000 towards the course). It is purely for my benefit and for the benefit of completing my course!

So little research has been done in this field and with your help I will be contributing to this area.

I also know that the MoD get you to do these things all the time; I can however promise that this has far less questions and will take a whole lot less of your time - and as you will see can't be tracked back to you.

I also promise to keep you all updated with the progress!

Visit or click the following link Research Link to participate.

Of course you may contact me by email provided on the survey page.

The research does not infringe on the guidelines to be submitted before an MoD ethics committee - in addition however the university required it to pass their ethics board.

The ONLY specific details needed will be asked on the first page which are Gender, Warrant or Commission held and which Service.
Re: Armed Forces Research - Commitment, Leadership and Relations

StixJimboRM said:
Just out of interest, why does the link to the University of Gloucestershire on your 'research' page open up a page that would allow me to make a free survey/form etc???

I for one will NOT be participating, and I have to ask ... are you a journo?

That is where the survey has been hosted (i'm not good enough to develop my own website so I have to use the free service). Even if the logo took you to the UoG page would that eliminate your concerns? So no, I am not a journo, I'm and occ psych in training, currently doing an MSc for which this research will contribute.
Re: Armed Forces Research - Commitment, Leadership and Relat

TO ANY MODERATORS: if you feel that this thread is not to the forum's suitability or liking I would be happy for it to be removed. It is of my utmost intention for this study to not to cause any disruption.


War Hero
I'd like to be able to view the entire questionnaire before I would be prepared to answer any of the questions.

I'd like to be able to view the entire questionnaire before I would be prepared to answer any of the questions.


SF, I have PM'ed you regarding your question but realise that I could indeed have added it here as an attachment... The paper version was sent out to HMNB Portsmouth. Please see attached if you would like to see all the questions prior to doing it via


As well as the ones where I got to slate my superior's management style I particularly liked:

?) Even if the firm were not doing well financially, I would be reluctant to change to another employer
a. No, I strongly disagree
b. No, I disagree quite a lot
c. No, I disagree just a little
d. I’m not sure
e. Yes, I agree just a little
f. Yes, I agree quite a lot
g. Yes, I strongly agree

Good luck with the project, I hope your data supports some statistically bullet-proof conclusions.
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