I need you to take some photos for me

Discussion in 'Nearest & Dearest' started by grandadevans, Aug 14, 2006.

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  1. Hi,
    I am starting a big campaign to get companies to recognise BFPO addresses such as SKY, the national lottery, argos etc. It will involve National press, radio and television. I am half way through creating a dedicated website but until then it is piggybacking off of my site.

    What I am after is pictures of servicemen and women in various locations holding up signs saying things like
    "Why won't you deliver to us"
    "Please deliver to BFPO"

    Obviously I am no sign maker or slogan maker so please write on your signs whatever you feel appropriate.
    You send me the pictures and I will make you famous.

    Either email your pictures too [email protected] or provide a link on here.

    Sign the petition and you will be kept up to date with what is happening with regards to the campaign.
    John Evans
  2. clothed or unclothed
  3. erm....clothed would be good for public support
  4. John

    have you tried writing to the defence editor of the Sun, they will support this kind of thing, also, the same for the BBC, SKY ITV, make a campaign of it!
  5. On the site that I'm putting toghether I have a space to donate to the campaign.
    I have already lined up a company that does professional Nationwide press releases over all means and regularly achieves double spreads in National newspapers etc.
    It is going to be at least a month until the campaign get's launched properly, I should have the website done in a few weeks.
    I am just trying to get support and material that I need to launch the website first.

    The best picture will be going on the Home page in order to tug on the publics heart-strings.

    I'm also trying to persuade companies to reverse company policy before I start the campaign. The National Lottery is one of the main ones at the moment.

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