I need tips for joining the navy ?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Jakemogford, May 16, 2010.

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  1. hi im new to the forum and im in the process of joining the navy, can someone please give me some tips from there eperience that will give me that extra boost i will need.



  2. I hope english isn't one
  3. well im predicted,
    English - B
    Maths -B
    i already have a B in science but im doing the additional paper on friday should pull of a B

    Physical education - A
    History - B
    Information technology - C
    Welsh - C - highest you can get for foundation tier .

    and that i think :)


  4. Keep Smiling, do fat birds and get a sick twisted sense of humour and you will do just fine.
  5. what you mean you hope english isnt one .. ??
  6. He's implying that your grammar is dogshit.
  7. So basically you all sayin i have to get a A in my english exam ?
  8. No they're saying your general grammar, from your forum posts, is dogshit.

    U dunt talk proper.
  9. Does the way i talk really matter ?
    All I wanted was some Experienced tips , Is that so hard to get on here ?

  10. Hi Jake!

    How far along are you in the recruitment process?
  11. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    A sense of humour is important
  12. To be fair mate sorting your grammar out will go a long way to helping you come across as the sort of candidate the RN are after. Your forms won't be looked upon kindly if they are difficult to read and do not make sense.
  13. I am just waitng on the date for my recruitment test, :)

    I have actually got a sense of humour, a really good one :)

    thankyou ?

  14. Come on, Jake, answer my question ................
  15. Okay thankyou :)

    I will talk proper as you requested .

    it seems like People will have a better impression of me .

    thankyou :)
  16. Sorry soleil .

    I am Waiting on the dates for my recruitment test .

  17. Haha, I read this post earlier. Left it a while, and I knew this would have heppened :lol:

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