i need some help

Im looking at a weapons technician role and i was wondering at what level would the maths be is it GCSE or A LEVEL etc can anyone please help me it would be much appreciated
I would say as long as youve got Maths and a Science based GCSE at C Grade or above youll be alright. English isnt a major requirement but it saves hassle in the future for promotions.


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azer1990 said:
i need some help
Indeed you do- try pressing the shift key fractionally before the letter "I" key.

But seriously: Welcome!

I'd agree with Mac- there are no academic requirements to join however you may need them for promotion. The actual academic standard of the recruiting test is not much more than the old 11+ in my opinion. For ET(WE) you need to aim to score a minimum of around 60% in each of the 4 sections to pass comfortably. (See the stickies section for example tests).

That said, it's against the the clock and people with A*-C GCSE's, AS Levels, A2's, HND, HNC, BTEC and (unbelievably) Degrees have managed to fail, albeit few at A level upwards.

The moral is practice beforehand, but in particular, against the clock.

Good luck.
Just to back up what Ninja has said, the maths section of the test isn't really hard. The biggest problem most people have is dealing with the questions within the time limits. You get 16 minutes to answer 30 questions on basic arithmetic.

Again, to back up Ninja, the best thing to do is practice as much as you can to give yourself the best chance.


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Good advice as usual Ninja and Super Mario
However from my reading of the question it is not so much the initial entrance test that the lad is worrying about but the level of maths required for the qualifying course and beyond.
Unless things have changed since my day (long time ago) maths for AETs for an electrically based career involve lots of trigonometry plus the ability to transform formulae. A good grounding in mathematics is helpful to at least GCSE standard.
At higher levels the maths becomes considerably more difficult but this will be taught.
Any problems in the Maths area and I would advise (if time permits) signing up for a course at the local college of knowledge.
Thanks Slim yea I think I misread that one. I agree with you if you are joining any of the engineering branches it's worth making sure you maths is up to scratch. The AET branch requires the highest standard of maths.