I need revision for Psychometric test!

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by JDW, Jun 17, 2012.

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  1. JDW


    Hi, I'm 19 and applied to join Royal Navy as a Chef about 4 weeks ago. I got a letter through the post saying I've got a psychometric test in just over a week's time.

    Now, I wouldn't be too worried if I was intelligent in that sort of stuff. However in School, I was in the bottom set of Intelligence and did a terrible job at my GCSES (Which stupidly I didn't revise for) Now my maths is awful, always was my worst subject in School. I think I might do okay at the English side of things on this test but Maths and shapes, algerbra.. Oh my god, I just think I'm going to fail.

    Now I haven't got that booklet that RN have given all people to help in revision and I guess I probably wouldn't even get it in time if I applied for it now, if I could then please direct me on how to get it (do I call, email etc.)

    So I would like some sites that I could revise from, I don't want a ton of websites to choose from, I just want a couple really good ones, that I can keep repeating day in and day out until the day of my test comes.

    Please give me some advice here and good sites for revision. Also what pass mark is needed for a chef? I hear people say "It's the hardest job in the Navy" and that it requires a really high pass mark which I was really suprised to hear.

    Thanks a lot guys.
  2. If you go into your AFCO and ask for the practice booklet, they'll give you one
  3. You've cracked it as a chef then ^_~

    Joking aside if you think your're going to fail...you will, be positive.

    The "hardest job in the Navy" part is banter as the saying goes chef's course is so hard nobody has passed the course. It's just piss taking.
  4. JDW


    So your saying the chef's course is really easy?
  5. No. The joke about the chef's course being so hard nobody has passed it is that the food's shite.
    But it's all just piss taking
  6. JDW


    Well all these jokes about all the different jobs in the RN tends to confuse one who wants to join up.
  7. Get used to it JDW, every branch slags off all the other branches...it's called banter, the same as you'll hear in any workspace in any company. When the banter stops that's when it's serious.
  8. JDW

    As you only have a week before your test, your energies need to be put into looking at the test questions given in the first link which Ninja included in his post (see my earlier post to you). As well as the RN guide, have a look at a few other things - many people have found the GCSE Bitesize Maths site handy.

    You've been told now that there are several other jobs with higher required scores than Chef and that it isn't therefore, one of the top scoring jobs, which is what you originally asked about.

    Tell yourself now that you are going to have a good go at getting the score needed for Chef, will be doing as much preparation as you can for it and then give it your best shot.
  9. Best dust off your shoulders at Walkers crisp factory.
  10. One does, does one
  11. Stirling, that one might just fly right over his head. :happy7:
  12. Nah, I get it, chip on the shoulder and all that
  13. not a chip, but something you put on Chips :razz:
  14. Ice cream?
  15. That's the answer to question 3 in the chef's exam, you've given it away now. The Chief Chef at Raleigh is going to have to think of another one now. :sad5:
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  16. Thats just not right guzzler, are you sure your not a dabber?

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