I need help sorting my late fathers 6 off 1939-45 medals & 2 off Mention in Dispatches Certificates.

That I can empathise with. As a very young lad I managed to lose a small cleaver looking 'thing'. My dad never forgave me for that. Evidently and not from my dad but one of his many brothers. My dad had made the cleaver himself to 'tidy' up hides as he was his units sniper during WW2. Something else I had been unaware of until my uncle told me. (It also explained why for years plod had came to the house to talk to dad - it was to ask if they could use his rifle which was held at the local police station).
Luckily for dad he was removed off the Normandy beaches because he had lied about his age and another brother bubbled him. Not before dad was shot in the stomach - again, luckily, the round was at the end of it's trajectory and simply seared itself into his skin!!! One lucky man!!!

A Fascinating story. Like you I know very little about what my father did as he would never talk about it
Just going through the process of getting my Grandads stuff from the MOD, we have received his records (that took 10 months), and now my mum has applied to the Medal Office to see what medals he is/was entitled too? the records only show 1939/45 War Medal and 1939/45 Star, however he served in Burma, India, Egypt and Ceylon (No 1 Commando).

He never applied for the medals after the war as my Grandma wanted nothing more to do with it.

Hopefully it wont be another 10 month wait.
It can take ages and if like me you tend to give up and then pick it up later it takes years.
Based on my dads record it sounds like there should be an Africa Star and a Pacific and maybe also a Burma Star in there.
Apparently The Burma Clasp on his Pacific star was because their was a shortage for everyone to get both medals.
Happy Hunting