I miss you............

Seems like it was yesterday when i saw your face, you told me how proud you were , but I walked away. If only I had known what I know now.

I would hold you in my arms ,I would take away your pain. Thankyou for all you've done, forgive all your mistakes.

Thers nothing I wouldn't do to hear your voice again, somtimes I want to call you but I know you wont be there.

I so sorry for blaming you for all the things I just couldn't do,and I've hurt myself by hurting you.

Sometimes I feel broke inside, but I wont admit it, somtimes just want to hide because its you I miss and its so hard to say goodbye.

Would you help me understand are you looking down on me, are you proud of who I am.

There's nothing I wouldn't do to have one more chance with to look into your eyes and see you looking back.

I so sorry for blaming you for everything I just couldn't do, and I hurt myself by hurting you.

If I had just one more day, I would tell you how much I missed you...

If I had just one more day , I would hold you close tell you how much I love you...

My beloved Dad died on 23rd August last year
( must state this is taken from a Christina Agulaira song)
August 2008


Its now two long years since you held me. Your touch your voice lives still in my heart. I dream long happy dreams of us and wake feeling your hand in mine x


Lantern Swinger
Beautiful absolutely beautiful
So very profound.
I can empathise with every word, having lost my dear husband to cancer 7 Feb 2005.
Think of all the good times you spent with your Dad and with time the pain will not be as raw.
You are a lovely person and have been very supportive to me,you know what I am talking about.
He will be looking down on you fear not and will be justly proud
That is truely lovely Josie, but it's something we all think. The 'if only' or 'I wish' stays with us forever, I know, but I bet he is just waiting on the other side of the moon for you and is very very proud for you having the guts to admit your failings.
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