I`m fed up....................

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by higthepig, Aug 9, 2008.

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  1. 8 people on line 7 newbie threads still running, I`ve worked it out that there are about 16 regular posters on here, 5 of those are of another persuasion.
    Now, i have had my arse ripped off by every fukcing Mod on here bar 2, I have been put in my place by the CO`s, and still not one of you fukcers will listen.

    A new guy joined cos he had heard about the banter, Jesus H Christ, i have heard better from my Granddaughter and she is only 4.

    This is not a suggestion, it is an obligation for all of you fukcing Newbies and Potential Officers to Fukc off.

    This is an UNOFFICIAL site, what fukcing part of UNOFFICIAL do you not understand?

    You want answers, then go to your fukcing Recruiting Office or AFCO or whatever you call it and ask them. They have an OFFICIAL SITE, do you morons see the difference between UNOFFICIAL andOFFICIAL? if you don`t then look it up in the fukcing dictionary.

    I have loved this site from the day that i joined it, but all the good posters have left because of the brainless shit that you morons come out with.

    Rum Ration, you are fukcing dying, and all of you smart arsed batsards out there that think that i am wrong, then, you can all fukc off an` all.
  2. Ahh Stella, the drink of kings.
  3. You need someone to call you an ambulance?

    Your blood pressure must be through the roof shippers!
  4. Hig i'm a newbie and i can totally understand that newbie threads piss you off. But i'm fairly certain you can all choose what topics/threads you want to read. Feel free to correct me if i'm wrong. Some people have genuine reasons for posting such stupid sounding questions, as they just want to do well. Surely when people finish all the tests, and recruitment stuff, they can actually contribute something more than stupid questions.
  5. This is exactly what i mean, can you not think for yourself arsehole? What should i say? Oh no It`s Grouse? FFS.
  6. Then ask your Fukcing AFCO how thick are you cretins?, now piss off.
  7. Feel free to call 118 118 you can ask them anything. :w00t:
  8. You've perhaps hit on a good point Hig.

    Maybe the newbies need a site to go to that the other RR users don't have to log onto. I can understand some of the questions, but like you, tire of the "the AFCO told me I have to wait 6 months, do I really?" questions.

    Where are Jenny Dabber, andym, mikh et al?
  9. All the replies that i expected, look at what you have posted, you are the reason that the site is dying, think about that.

  10. Weve jumped ship to www.romft.com
  11. or you could just fukc off - save us from having to listen to your drips....
  12. Nice one Alfred, great post to improve the site eh?
  13. Aha! Noticable by your absense all of you. Less mirth on this site lately, not helped by grumpy guts :roll:
  14. you're the one manking about threads that you don't have to read, in a forum you don't have to visit (and yes I'm aware of the irony :)), me, I'm just passing, the only reason I came here was because it was on the front page of ARRSE....
  15. Same thoughts.

    HTP has a point though...!
  16. You mean me?

    My point was that fielding endless questions from young newbies can get tiring. I don't mind people asking and always help if I can. But common sense should dictate that if people are getting fed up and leaving, there is a problem. Surely you can see that?
  17. I Certainly never posted this on arrse, i`m not even a member. Is this another load of shit we have to put up with, put up the link or fukc off.

    Perhaps you fukcing morons may now see the point of my first post, but i fukcing doubt it, either get to-gether to improve the site or fukc off, It` really as simple as that.
  18. In Alfred's defence, and I must say first that I agree with you on this HTP, ARRSE has a little box on its front page which shows a snippet from one of three sites, RumRation being one of them, so when your post was new, it would have been there for all the ARRSErs to see.

    You are right about the stench of death from this site, and I think you could be right about the reasons. Give me some meat though, and I'll start chewing.
  19. Simple, now i am really pissed off, this is Rum Ration, WTF are they doing putting posts on here on arrse, do they put threads from arrse on here? Hey Co`s, we should be fukcing well told.
  20. I'm a touch confused what you want this site to be for - no newbies (and yes the endless stupid questions do annoy me, but they want to join us so frankly I'll cope), you don't like the fact that Good and Bad CO link their sites, what precisely do you wish to see? I've logged onto ROMFT once, it bored me, so I left. If this place is boring you, I suggest you do the same thing....

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