I laughed because...

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by _Tim_, Feb 5, 2009.

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  1. My auntie's ex-husband (an army officer) flunked the AIB for the marines twice before deciding to apply to the army as an officer. :lol:

    I found it quite funny, really >_>
  2. Because?
  3. OOPS :roll: :roll: He is going back to the Tim but Dim mode!!! :wink:
  4. And your point is ???
  5. But but .,.,.,.,.I thought Tim was now Kim ?
  6. I just found it funny that in the army he's good enough to be a colonel at the age of 39 (I don't know if that's normal or not...) but didn't pass selection for the marines. ;)
  7. Colonel t 39? That's fcuking good going!
  8. The fact that he didn't make it as a Royal Marine indicates that he wasn't good enough, but the Army took him as the standards were lower than that required for the Royal Marines. GET IT ?
  9. Yes. I fcucking get it. Doesn't mean I can't find it amusing.
  10. Well this is the gash barge, after all!

    I think it can work both ways actually, I wonder if it would still be ' funny ' if he failed selection for the Army twice but succeeded in applying into the Royal Marines?

    All it shows is that when he applied to join the British Army as an officer, he obviously showed the potential that the board were looking for, and BZ to him he's a colonel.
  11. Monty, by the look of your new avatar, Kermit has had an accident with the chip pan being left on heat for too long.... on perhaps Kermit was on heat for too long! :twisted: :lol:
  12. Its not one of those Golliwhatsamacallits is it? :idea:
  13. I remember the time we smirked at a bawling overweight cook/chef. Nine miles later FUBAR it was told never smirk at anybody who has a green lid especially if they have stripes. Part of the early learning curve as they say.
  14. I laughed because they told me Topmast would work for senior rates.

    I laughed because they told me getting rid of WE Jnr rates and providing extra OM's would work.

    I laughed because they told me we were getting rid of apprenticeships and having foundation degress at the time that the country is going back to apprenticeships and are advertising fully trained and qualified in 4 years not 15.

    I laughed because I was told the T45 was heavily armed

    I know a big change on the thread, but is has to be better, any more ?
  15. I laughed when they said that under pay 2000 nobody would take a pay cut, BUT your earning potential over your career may be less.

    I laughed when they stopped giving you free scran onboard but promised if you were duty they would feed you. Only to discover that when on courses, classed as a duty, we had to pay for our food. My how I fcuking laughed as I paid for the shit in Excellent.
  16. I laughed when the navy overpaid me by £1200 and never asked me for it back. HAPPY DAYS.
  17. :D :D :D

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