I know you won't believe this but I promise you it's true.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by builderbambi, Jan 8, 2011.

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  1. I feel it's time to share one of the most embarrassing moments in my life, or better looked at as not my finest hour, well 15 mins to be fair. Again before I start this I can only swear and promise that this actually happened, here goes.

    If you know what happens in devonport at 11.30 every Monday then you might guess where this is going if not then read on.
    So Monday morning I'm going up to saltash to work on my bosses house lovely place over looking the river. There with the bosses son who I know well, working on the bathroom getting the bath out, had to drain the building down in the back garden is a access pit to the sewer pipes so that's all open for the water to run into, at 11.30am we both stop and all we can hear is a extremely loud air raid siren, I instantly freeze and relate that noise to the 4 minute warning of a nuclear attack, I look at my mate and tell him exactly that, with a look of terror in his eyes and mine I make sharpish down the stairs to look out over the river. Terrified that I'm going to die I (for what reason I don't know) phone the emergency services, "which service do you require" at this point I'm a quivering reck telling the operator we are about to be nuked, only to be asked again "what service do you require" I blurt out police, puts me through, struggling to keep my phone to my face I explain the siren and ask what the hell is going on, the police have no idea, they have no record of anything like this happening. This then makes me certain that this is it, I'm fucked. Now running outside to my mate who is trying to get hold of his dad, I look into the shit incrusted pit and tell my mate " I'm getting in you should get in" one foot on the ladder down the pit his phone goes off it's his dad, after my mate explains what's going on turns out that Devonport test the air raid siren every Monday at 11.30am which as you can tell I had no idea about, so I slowly climb out of the pit and didn't stop shaking for about an hour. I have never been so scared in all my life, I appreciate I've opened myself up for some serious rippings here but I just had no idea that it was a test, all I could think of is getting somewhere safe to hide and a 10 ft deep concrete block pit underground was the best shout!
  2. You daft sod, but you have balls for owning up.
  3. Really? Spent years in Guzz and never really noticed a siren going off at 11:30.
    So that'll be me going "ooh, look at that bright light then" before I get vapourised.
  4. One of the sirens used to be attached to the tenth floor of the Submarine Refit Complex building, right next to the duty watch bunkspace. I was lying in my cart one morning, badly hungover, and with the window open, when the fugging thing went off. I nearly shit myself, but it was more to do with the loudness of the thing. (Actually, it was more to do with the state of the lower part of my digestive tract.)
  5. Amazing! Well done for being so selfless and sharing.
  6. It was ever so in WW2 when I sat in an Anderson shelter with my mum. Plymouth was not an ideal place to be in then.
    So far as Nuclear attacks are concerned. Plymouth City Council advises in the event of an attack there will be a sketeton staff on duty to advise.
    Why worry?
    Mr Livingstone ,when Head of GLC, declared London A Nuclear Free Zone.
    So far as I am aware, London has not received a nuclear attack since.
  7. Nuclear free zone huh? Wonder why the London that went to London .... cough ... allegedly ... had marines on board standing watches in 2M flat ... door to quaterdeck chained shut ... et al ....
  8. Haha, awesome! I still always hoof it out of bed every Wednesday morning even though they always test the fire alarms at the same time- I never remember til I am half dressed and it stops! =-(
  9. Cheek was somewhat filled with tongue
  10. Always thought the siren went off 11:30 every day to mark a shift handover or dockie scran time or some such. Just a reminder for Budeaux chav's that the pubs are open nowadays though.
  11. So the smell isn't someone's aftershave called "Wild Horses" then ...?
  12. Flymo,

    That was their special Loan Clothing Store, you silly-Billy.
  13. :)

    I also meant to say 2P flat, above the stokers messdeck and not 2M, which was above the After AMR.
  14. Stupid cnut but I larfed
  15. To be honest I feel like a stupid Cnut and I also laughed after!
  16. That's the bit I don't get.

    How the hell does knowing what happens in Devonport etc etc suggest that we should guess at such stupidity or, I would suggest, flights of imagination?
  17. Because you would know that the siren would be tested at that time, and would of probably seen where it was going when I suggested that I was being a spaz, believe me guzzler it's really not something I could create in my imagination or most peoples to be honest, hence the title of the thread, cheer up a bit aswell, was only ment to be a laugh at my own stupidity, not everything needs looking into with such detail.

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