I know what I would like to do to him

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by finknottle, May 3, 2010.

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  1. A Muslim who daubed ­graffiti glorifying Islamic terrorism over a war memorial has walked free from court despite showing no remorse.

    Full Story Here:

    How the hell did he get off scot free? :twisted: :twisted:
  2. Yes - how did he get off. That young lad who pissed on one a few weeks back got about 20 years.

    The very minimum the muslim knobber should have got is the cleaning bill.
  3. It's disgusting that someone can deface any memorial to the dead, and get away with it. That is just fact.

    The fact that the graffiti glorifies terrorism, which is a seperate criminal offence as well, makes this so much worse.
  4. Disgraceful behaviour but there probably wasn't enough evidence to prosecute for religious or racial reasons from my reading of the newspaper report so he got what was the going rate for the crime.

    probably the bigger "crime" is that our penal system is so wishy washy and ineffectual
  5. With any luck some rough justice will come his way.
  6. Force feed him a bacon buttie
  7. Anally
  8. No! Because that would be exactly what he'd want, and has been wanting ever since he was old enough to know what that delicious heady aroma wafting over from the neighbours kitchens was.

    Muslim kids regularly get a slapping by their parents (if they give a shit) for experimenting with pork products. I remember one kid who would visibly dig into pork chops or bangers and mash with perverse glee.

    Edit : Its probably what the chaps motivation was! "All I wanted was a bacon sarnie... :cry: " And now because of cumulative work of the PC brigade, no plod or plod-shop cell warden is ever going to have the gumption to do just that. Oh the irony.
  9. So if I get this right, plod had DNA evidence from the paint can, had him on CCTV throwing away the can and have him spraying the memorial on tape and this isn't enough to convict him. What could be easier to prove or is it the CPS just want to convict people who "abuse" the muslim religion? How much clearer does it have to be with their definition of a "Hate Crime", I take it this individual would be incensed at spray painting a statue of Mohamed and would demand justice for that, probably declar a Jihad too.

    Why can't we bring back hanging for treason and add this into that class of crime
  10. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    I would have thought that a charge of causing harrassment, alarm or distress would have stuck if the CPS had had the wit to use it.

    As to what his solicitor says, solicitors are paid to spin for their client. In this case I suspect paid by us.
  11. Oh right!!, well in that case perhaps a bucket of pig piss emptied over him might serve as a reminder to respect OUR war memorials.
  12. Can't somebody just somehow get this idiot to take a trip to york, spend it overnight and make him stay out till after midnight so you can shoot him with a bow and arrow? and just make out you thought he were a scotsman?
  13. Now that's more like it.

    Edit : Actually, after thinking about it I think he's just sad. Far too sad and pathetic to make any punishment worthwhile. He should have just been made to scrub it all off with a toothbrush.
  14. Or while it is still attached to a Tamworth Sow.
  15. Make it take a shave the dirty smelly piss smelling barstad
  16. Gentlemen Gentlemen be careful what you say, because when we become a "muslim" state and they trawl through RR looking at anti muslim statements you will be at least publically flogged or stoned to death, and if the PC brigade in goverment read it then the old bill will turn up and YOU WILL GO TO JAIL, unless that is you convert to being a muslim ! :?
  17. Well scouse_B ........ looks like I might be going to jail then.....time for Christian Martyrs..... BRING ON THE STONES
  18. Islam forbids depictions of the Prophet; perhaps one or two of you could do with reading up on Islam so you could look for the communality with western, Christian values rather than focus on the actions of those inspired by its (many) negatives...

    We haven't much to thank the current PM for but we can thank him for bringing the term "bigot" under scrutiny. Defacing a war memorial is wrong and the actions of a true bigot. A number of you have much in common with this man as you clearly have demonstrated...
  19. You can turn the other cheek, I prefer to go and slap the defacers.
  20. Labrum

    Islam forbids a number of things that a lot of Muslims choose to either ignore or "cheat" on so please stop lecturing me on my knowledge or lack there of.
    This individual should think himself lucky he doesn't live in a Muslim country where this type of action would not be tolerated at all and he would most likely be flogged or even killed for such an act. Why is it these types of people seem to think that an action such as this is OK in a Western country where we try and accommodate everyone, but god forbid you hold hands with your girlfriend in Dubai.
    Your post Labrum seems to show you in a more closed minded light than mine I'm afraid

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