I know it' the DM ... but its Friday

I'd smash her Red Square in.

What? Me? Salivating? Now hang on there just a gosh darned minute.......mmmmmmm, well having perused the Communist beaver collection, I have to say that "Banana Woman" has given me a semi. Now I'll have to sit here with my legs under the desk until it goes away.

(Nope - still there. Now trying to imagine back-scuttling Sylvester Stallones mum....)

"Hello all English mans. I am called Ivana Slobberbitch. My hobbies are vodka, methylated spirits and vodka. I have good sense of humour and wish for British passport from nice man with plenty money. I am divorced from Dimitri who is buried in six potato sacks in the back yard now and I promise to be faithful wife and give nice sex.
Call 08456 112112 with Visa Card number, expiry date and last three numbers from back of card and I send you some of my underpants.

Many lots of love,





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