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I iz no racist but this is damn funny...

The Canadian answer to Graham Norton. Another piss taking useless cnut!

I meet the Tom Green's on the Liverpool Dublin flight on a regular basis moronish useless tawts all mouth no brains then when the shite hits the fan Help Me! Help Me!


Lantern Swinger
You're obsessed with me balls man
You've got to get over this infactuation you have with me bollox,or i shall have to resault to wearing a chastidy belt.

I was never a little *knot tying,duck feeding*whatever it is they do.. drooling,buck toothed,cross eyed little cadet,though it was funny winding them up while they're queueing to get their scran,grumpy little buggers, but at least it makes the time fly by when ur on door duty.


Lantern Swinger
I take that last comment back,it's quite offensive
Not every buck toothed,drooling or cross eyed person is or has been a sea cadet.

Now why is everyone having a hissy fit over this video,this is clear evidence what evil fenders are used for
the truth is out there my friend for all to see,it clearly states so in the video!
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