I have to pay council tax while on LOA but who gets it?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by creeper, Jul 31, 2007.

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  1. Off to the states soon on LOA, we have to pay married quarter rent and council tax, but does anyone here know where the council tax goes to? or does it just disappear into DHE coffers?
  2. If Cyprus is the same (which it probably is) your CILOCT, (Charge In Lieu Of Council Tax) council tax will go to the local authorities to contribute to such things as dustbin collection, pavements, street lights and kids playgrounds etc. I got back from Cyprus 2 years ago and it was about £100 a month out there. A gripe I know but in some ways understandable.
  3. I work for Liverpool city council, and judging from what I've seen, the money probably is'nt used as well as it could be.
    For example; It really grips my shit when I see endless and pointless meetings being arranged everyday, for which new food and drink which nobody eats gets presented on brand new plates and cutlery etc (seriously, every f'kin time!) just to impress some overpaid ******- (hard to believe but true)
  4. That's local gov for you.
    I work in a regional gov building, and the refreshments have to be fully justifed before they can be ordered. Having said that, they gaily throw huge quantities of wine about at 'functions' when a minister or two appears !
  5. The tax you pay goes to the Exchequer. A very small amount might come back to the local area, but not much.

    When I was a Parish Councillor last year, several Cllrs tried in vain to find out how much tax was being paid by the military base in their parish. The District & County Council failed to give any figures.
  6. I spotted a woman working for Halton Council collecting large amounts of wine and telling the girl on the till to bill it to the council.

    Stupid council money it wastes on silly pavement schemes. Dug one load up to place down two special design flags. Not counting the smallest cycleway in existence four foot long. Pathetic place. And now they are spending a million quid on a site for more travellers in Runcorn.
  7. Read your County council hand out shippers. Everything is explained quite clearly, unless you are going overseas that is.
  8. Read the original post Shippers!!! Creeper clearly explains he's going overseas!!!

    Here in Naples we have none of these!!! No pavements or street lights and we have to take our own rubbish to the nearest roadside dump where it will sit for days or weeks stinking until someone sets the pile alight. Agreed with you Chaz, it certainly is a gripe! I pay over £90 per month for something which I get nothing in return and also have to pay for my empty house in the UK as you can only have an exemption for an empty property for 6 months.

    As for amounts, I pay exactly the same here as I paid in a MQ in Gosport

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