I have recently applied for the apprentice chef role can anyone tell me when the sift is?

TN 87

I recently applied for the role of Apprentice chef within the RFA. I'm now wondering when the sift will be or when I might possibly hear back about the role. I have previously applied for the apprentice engineering role and not been successful. I'm studying HNC Engineering fabrication at college the now but also working in a commercial kitchen part-time and I'm enjoying it I spoke to a member of the recruitment staff when doing my last application and they indicated that the chef role has a much lower amount of applications than the engineering role.


I recently sat my test at my local AFCO for this role and received and email the beginning of this week saying that I had passed. The confirmation email never said when the sift will take place, only that it can take a while. So I wouldn't expect anything too soon, although I could be wrong and the sifts could be taking place as we speak.

Its a bit of a hard one to say, so I'm not too sure how much information will be available for it