I have my flying aptitudes, but can you please help?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Flexwings, Feb 17, 2014.

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  1. This forum is awesome, my aptitudes are soon though! Are they hard? Anyway, I'm Harry but people call me James because my friend used to always forget my name haha..
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  2. The community here is great James . The first thing the folks are going to say is change your forum name . Do not use your real name if that is what you have used . Theres a lot going on in the world and there is some activity targeting armed forces only recently in the news you may have seen. Not a good idea using your real name ok.
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  4. I can't find how to change my username. Who/how do I contact someone to change it? Didn't realise! Thank you for alerting me
  5. Thank you, Ninja. Do you have the facilities to change my username please? Didn't think about not using my real name

    EDIT: I have used that site, they're the ones that can be really difficult
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    Use the contact us link: Contact Us - Navy Net - Navy and Marine Community

    Only Admin can change usernames unfortunately.
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  7. Thank you mate. Do you know anything about pass marks?
  8. The passmark for crewman is the lowest, but still not easy. Saying that, a FAT pass is very achievable (standfast myself, I bombed them)
    I got really worked up about the maths before taking them, so I focused solely on that aspect. In reality, the maths is quite basic, its the time constraints that make it difficult. I would recommend brushing up on S/D/T and getting quick at it. This will sound obvious but, know your times tables, get a times table quiz app and once again work on speed.
    I did pretty badly on the short term memory stuff, try and remember sequences of numbers and letters while doing something else.
    The rest is pretty much just computer games, so play the xbox while trying to recite information somebody told you 30 seconds ago and reeling off times tables.

    Oh, fuel burn rate questions are something you want to get acquainted with.
    You burn 60 kgs of fuel per minute. How much do you burn in 1 hour?

    Its worth noting that FATs has verbal reasoning aspects as well, so practicing psychometric test batteries is a good idea.
    (Tip: I applied for jobs that had psychometric tests as part of recruitment and sat them; that was part of AIB prep, which went better than FATs;-))
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  9. That's a brilliant reply mate, thank you so much! I've been trying the speed distance time stuff, but I've heard that you're not allowed paper or anything? Is that true? That makes it a lot more difficult. I'll get brushed up on my times tables, though. I'll keep you all updated on how I get on! What branch are you in now, mate?
  10. you did read the link that I posted? :thebirdman:

    "Also, for many of these tests you are not permitted to use a pen and paper and the numbers are often not divisible so mental calculation and estimation is critical. Practice your SDT."
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  11. I sat my FATs two weeks ago. They were a mix of really difficult and really fast, with some sections being quite straightforward mental arithmetic (ie. 2+2=? but with a really small timeframe) and others being total multi-tasking nightmares.

    Anyway, by all means PM me and I'll go through any detailed stuff if you like.

    Also I found the other thread about the tests (mentioned in a previous post) MEGA useful & totally agree with the "practice SDT/fuel consumption/multiplication tables to death" advice.
  12. Hi James, not going to add any further advice apart from work on your weakness and don't forget to spare some time for your strengths too.

    You say your dad has a PPL. If you go flying with him you will be familiar with the radio procedures and the reading back data from the tower and control units. This is one of the reasons quick responses are needed, you take in data and have to respond or reply confirming info you have just been passed.

    Once successful you will see why multi tasking and quickness of mind is so important.

    Try not to get phased by it you can only do what you can do. Give it your best shot and good luck.

    (PS, being an aircrewman isn't so bad!!!! You get two drivers and a navigator to take you to work - =D )

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