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As the title suggests, when you have read a book, tell the rest of us about it - simples!

I have just read two crackers - The Kill List by Frederick Forsyth and I Am pilgrim by Terry Hayes (some first Novel!!)

The Kill List is typically past paced Frederick Forsyth MI5/CIA type thriller ranging between London, Washington and Afghanistan.

I Am Pilgrim is a weighty tome - some 890 pages in paperback - however, I read it in three sittings! Yes it is that good! There are two completely different (or are they......?) plots going on. Very well written IMHO. If it comes out as a movie it will be amazing.

So both similar-ish in content, but totally different. I commend them both to the RR massive!
'A Game Of Thrones', George RR Martin (interestingly it reinforced how good the TV series is and they compliment each other well).
Before that, 'Das Boot'. Had been meaning to read it for years and finally got round to it - if you have been 'meaning to read it for years', do not delay any longer. Among the best war novels I have ever read. (others I would recommend include 'All is quiet on the Western Front' and 'The Naked and the Dead'. Note these are novels rather than actual history which is why other titles aren't included).
I just finished the last in a series of books called Armageddon song by andy Farman, it's basically world war three fought in the 90's with Russia and China as allies.
The books are quite well written and the characters believable, even to the point of the government dishing out SLR's to the troops when the first sa80's proved to be inadequate. The naval side of things are fairly intense involving nuclear missiles, nuclear mines and a variety of other unpleasant scenarios.
I can highly recommend the series of books, I looked forward to book 4&5 being released with anticipation.
They are all on amazon kindle or paper

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