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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by amazonian, Nov 23, 2007.

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  1. I was recently checking out the videos on the RN website when I came across this little gem here .

    Nothing special you may think. But I think other videos like this can be used with great effect to increase public knowledge about the navy and also the armed forces in general. I have showed this video to some friends and they were all surprised and impressed by the amount of work our guys get up to in the RN overseas.

    Would it not be possible to broadcast something similar to this every month/few months? I think this would give the public a much better understanding of what the armed forces get up to, and possibly could even be used as a recruitment tool. You could also include those not on deployment and list all training exercises taking place at the time. I think that the key to increasing public support (and funding) for the armed forces is to help them understand better. Any opinions? ;P
  2. I would love to see more RN on the telly, more people knowing what the services get up to, however, would civvy watch it? Or would they just flick over?
  3. Those who ain't interested would probably not watch it. It would be watched by people who are interested or have interests i.e family serving.
  4. Well you're a civvy, what do you think? :biggrin:
  5. Interesting clip. Just a shame it's nearly 10 months out of date.

    Shame the RN can't keep their own web site up to date!
  6. I think that depends on when you place it in the schedule. If the BBC were to place it after the 10 o'clock news then I think viewing figures would be high enough.
  7. I know we don't have many ships, but to advertise their whereabouts on a site freely available to all 'interested' parties ...
    Is this not covered by OPSEC rules ?

  8. Beyond former matelots, current matelots and their families, cadets and hopeful future Navy bods!

    I'd watch it because thanks to the AIB I had to become a ships spotter!
  9. It also puts 845 and 845 Sqn as part of Op Telic in Iran. A Freudian slip, perchance?
  10. As there is going to be less football on telly next year maybe they could increase the Royal Navys profile by filling in the vacant England,Scottish,Welsh,Northern Ireland slots?

    Just a thought.(Tongue firmly in cheek)
  11. Well I suppose it's just possible that the recruiting offices would get better results than an England team manager
  12. This isn't a Two-Six video is it? I've seen them (the 26 vids) on the RNCom website but never watched one/them for fear of being too keen or something.
  13. Good point. You mean a bit like; http://www.royalnavy.mod.uk/server/show/ConWebDoc.8395 ?
  14. Large areas to cover.....small Navy huh?? :thumbdown:
  15. Looks like someone thought it was a good idea. Global ops.

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