I have a problem and could use some guidance :/

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by arkvoodle94, Jan 3, 2012.

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  1. Hey guys,

    Just got round to making an account, after discovering this community last week.
    I have been searching around the forums and i would like to ask something:

    What if im a really bad swimmer?

    I have sat and passed everything and i am now waiting for a date for the Pr-Royal Navy Course. I am wanting to join CIS and i am 17yrs old.

    To put it simply, im a terrible swimmer i have been having lessons every sunday and i can swim front crawl but i havnt worked out how to breathe without getting tons of water in my mouth, so im a little cautious about swimming front crawl.
    i cant do breast stroke, but my swim instructor has been showing me how to swim front crawl but with my head out of the water and i found that quite difficult due to the position.

    I was shown how to tread water and i found that exhausting! i was struggling to keep myself up and i found i had to use so much energy to stay above the water and then again i couldnt stay in one position :/

    I am generally in good shape and fairly recently ( nov 2011 ) completed a 1 week army look at life course at swynnerton and loved it! i stayed up to speed with everyone and had a great week.

    To sum up, why is it that im finding this swimming issue so difficult? Would being a terrible swimmer stop me from passing out? :(

    All of your comments and suggestions are very much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance -- AJ

    (p.s sorry for the long post!)
  2. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    You need to pass the RN swimming test to pass out of RALEIGH. While swimming isn't integral to RN life, there are times when you need to swim.

    Either sort it out ASAP, or I'd suggest finding an alternate career as you will really struggle at RALEIGH if you cant swim.
  3. You have to pass the swimming test at the PRNC.
  4. Ok so i will have to pass the swim test at PRNC .

    What stroke do you think would be best for me to learn/perfect in order to pass the swim test? :/
  5. Dunno if it has changed but any stroke will do, also when they want you to tread water you can swim around.
  6. Thanks a lot for the advice, atleast now i can concentrate on pefecting my technique rather than trying to stay in one fixed position for two mins! :)
  7. I was a backward kipper at Raleigh and it took me 3 attempts to pass. I was similar to you in your swim style however I found the breast stroke best, you can go quite slow and keep your head above as you swim. I find just floating on the surface using gentle hand motion will keep you roughly in the right place. I found tilting my head back naturally brought my feet up. I can still do this quite easily even after 20 years.
    The secret really is not to panic if you do swallow some water

    Good luck :):)
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  8. Likewise, I was a backward kipper too. Breast stroke and floating on my back got me through.
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  9. Learn breast stroke mate and maybe try to find the time to go swimming more regularly, i'm sure friends or family would help. Good luck
  10. Swimming is easy. Think slow and long. Don't try too hard.

    Breast stroke, once mastered, requires least effort but, when learning, the tendency is to do the stroke too fast. Start off in the shallow end, about 3 metres from the side. You know you're not going to drown, so there's no need to panic. Think slow and long. Two strokes should get you to the side. Do this a couple of times, while convincing yourself that you're not going to drown by doing it slowly.

    Go to 5 metres and repeat. Gradually extend the distance. You'll notice that even after doing a complete width, that you're not out of breath. Because you're thinking slow and long.

    If you're reasonably fit, you should be able to do the breast stroke continuously, for as long as you want, because by doing it slow and long, you'll be able to breath quite normally.

    Treading water. Think slow.

    Try this. Stop moving - you will start to sink. Move - and you will resurface. You're getting out of breath because you're moving too fast.

    Think slow and long.
  11. mmmm ya, das ist gut...
  12. As Taff said really. I would also suggest the local baths becomes your second home. Seriously you need to be in the water six days a week, if for nothing else but confidence.

    I am not into zen breathing techniques, but on the day of your test, try and find a corner for a minute or two and CALM yourself down. Many people have drowned through panic alone. Chill, swim,pass.
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  13. Top tip - don't do anchor stroke!
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