I have a family and considering applying...

Im now 30 (31 in Nov) and have a wife and young child (hes 2). Im stuck in a dead end job and my career prospects are getting smaller. Ive been looking at applying for CIS or Naval airman and would like to know if theres anybody out there who is/was in a similar position.
My wife and I have discussed and whilst it will not only completely change life as we know it, there are benefit that i currrently would never recieve.
Any advise accepted.


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It's worth having a one to one chat with your AFCO (contact number at AFCO link in signature block). It's also worth going to the AFCO with your Wife so she can get the answers to any queries/concerns she may have.

Everyone has different circumstances but for married people there are some advantages such as subsidised housing and subsidised travel allowances. Separation is usually a major consideration, particularly if you have a young family.

For a 30 year old, the starting pay is pretty critical initially (£14.5K per year for first six months, then £18K per year), but if you go for promotion early-on, it is feasible to be earning circa £30K in around four years after joining.

NA(AH) is about a two year wait (test to entry) CIS about 6 months - and there are technical qualifications to be earned.

Best of luck.
If you can achieve the required results then go for AET
Not too much sea time so more time with the family (apart from during training)
Thanks for your quick reply.
My other issue is as youve menioned, the starting pay. Less than what im on now so will do as mentioned.
thanks again
As a side note, last year i broke my humerous pretty bad an now have a metal screw in it..its fully healed (discharged after many hospital trips). What affect would/could this have?


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It depends on the complexity of the break, the specific location, any restrictions & whether the plate/pin/screw is required permanently.

In short, you need to be 12 months free from treatment & should take a copy of your entire medical history relating to the injury to your initial medical examination.

Good luck.