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Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by finknottle, Jun 22, 2013.

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  1. In these ascetic times when we all have to take a bite of the shit sandwich and HMG/ MOD is attempting to cut outgoings within the military it came to me that primarily the army have the costs involved of keeping around 500 horses and before anyone jumps in I mean the (four legged ones). Now I ask myself why in these modern mechanised times should we the taxpayer continue to fund the massive expense that keeping these beasts must incur, when they are only trotted out for pomp and circumstance ceremonies. Dogs serve a very useful purpose within the military as they have a highly valued role in combat situations, attacking intruders or sniffing out explosives etc, whereas the horse has none. IMO opinion the time is long overdue for these horses to be pensioned off to a kind person with a spare paddock or turned into prime steaks, it would save a mint.
  2. Six months ago Tesco would have put in a bid.....but like your Krugerrand..... the value has diminished somewhat.
  3. Blackrat will gallop by shortly and thrash finks to within a inch of his life. Only one word for it...... Heresy
  4. Axing seven Scottish Infantry battalions and moving the SSBN capability to Barrow will also save a fortune.
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  5. The total cost of Army ceremonial horses is £1.2 Million a year. That's three seadart missiles or less than the average cost of a single MP's London residence. The country probably take in ten times that just from Japanese tourists buying plastic models of mounted Household Cavalry troopers.
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  6. Do you have a reliable source for that £1.2 million?
  7. Here's another way of looking at it.

    The last company my missus worked for had an advertising and PR budget of 1.2 million and that's a company which I bet you've never even heard of. The presence and awareness they raised was absolutely nothing compared to what the HC/King's Troop do.

    In terms of PR for the Armed Forces and UK in general it's bloody good value for money.
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  8. Yes.........
  9. Don't tell me if you share it you will have to kill us all.
  10. It was revealed in a commons speech fairly recently, but being Mr Politics, I'm sure you already knew that.

    Also as someone who owns horses and knows what their yearly upkeep costs are, it's relatively simple to multiply the yearly cost of one of my horses by 417 (the amount of horses the army currently owns). Taking into account the additional cost of ceremonial tack and higher quality feed etc. The Army is actually getting a pretty good deal.

    Did you know army horses are also used for AT? How much does the mob spend a year on rugby?
  11. Well If it was stated In the H of C it must be true as we all know that our illustrious leaders never manipulate figures to suit a point they are attempting to make and regardless of what you say I for one believe it to be a figure of pure fiction dreamed up to keep the gullible majority quiet.
  12. You really are a dull cunt.
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  13. Wash your filthy mouth out you cretin, those who resort to language from the gutter only demonstrate their poor command of the English language.
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  14. Britannia please, you won't catch me buying any of that foreign stuff.

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  15. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I can see the savings in binning the Horses but I'm going to come down on the PR side of the argument, one thing the UK does and does well is Pomp and ceremony and that I'm afraid involves military horses. The revenue gained for the UK through tourism and the part the woodentops/donkey wallopers play in generating that revenue actually raises an argument that the MOD budget should get a subsidy from whatever government dept is responsible for the UK PLC's PR budget.
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  16. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Zoidberg wrote of finknottle
    Pot, this is kettle, radio check.

    Army horses will be needed for MACA when the wheels really come off and CivPol don't have enough cavalry to suppress the rioting great unwashed / unwaged.

    And to expand on what Wet Blobby said, State Ceremonial gives many of those serving a diamond cutter as do the Royal Marines Bands and lesser military bands, the Red Arrows etc. Good for everyones morale, serving, ex factor and civilian.

    There was enough whining from the old and bold when the Field Gun was binned. I would not be surprised if finknottle was one of them. Field Gunners ate more than horses.
  17. Blimey Seadog thought I'd got through one of your posts without a ref to "old and bold" but you squeezed one in
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  18. Seadog, your suggestion of a hidden agenda that these beasts may one day be used to quell the rioting starving mob might not be that far from the truth, remember Peterloo.

    I Like the quip about the pot kettle, it made me smile on an otherwise dricht Sunday morning.

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  19. Moving RNAD Coulport wouldn't.

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