I hate speed camera's so why do I like this idea?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Jun 5, 2007.

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  1. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I'm seeing more and more of this. Usually they set the cameras up on motorway bridges with a checkpoint further down the road. I'm all for it.
  2. Good stuff, but why not take this a stage further and link the SPECS system to the insurance data base then you can chack far mor cars than a roadside check can.
  3. They've been using them for a while. There was one almost permanently on Eastern Rd in the build-up for T200. What we really need are cameras at traffic lights. Here in Pompey it's getting beyond a joke - you'd think a red light was a "go".
  4. If it was only to be used for that, but we all know that it will be used for other purposes.

    And when they are - because it won't be if, will they also target, and punish, the police officers (including some senior ones) who, so willingly it seems, flout the speed restrictions ?

    Somehow I doubt it, just another step to dictatorship in this country, and more opportunity to extract more cash for more cameras.
  5. They have loads of traffic light cameras in Wales, nice little earner :threaten:
  6. About time the loophole between MOT and tax disc was closed, tax discs could be updated to include insurance info. There's nothing stopping the creation of a database of embedded remotely readable (VIN plate etc) IDs that could allow a police force to detect passing vehicles with out of date (or never had) insurance. But the civil liberties issues will probably keep it at bay for a while yet.
  7. DVLC already have that, allowing you to renew your tax online. I suspect it will only be a short time before you get fixed penalty notices for not renewing your MOT or insurance on time.
  8. For a year or so now MOT certificate information is automatically placed on a computer. The MOT certificate has been changed so that if certificates are stolen they are no longer usable. I expect that it will not be long (probably already in use) before this information is also displayed on the vehicles details available to the police.
  9. I think it already is, don't they have direct access to the DVLC data base.
  10. Anyone noticed that the new forward facing cameras dont catch motor bikes as they dont have front number plates?
    Wonder where we car drivers would stand as a loop hole for that one?
  11. In the Republic of Ireland insurance must be displayed on the front windscreen of the vehicle.

    Hence the reason if you see Gardai stopping vehicles then waving on that is the reason.

    More and more it is on back country lanes to catch the smarts who know the short cuts.
  12. Does anyone else think it is amazing the DVLA are advertising that a COMPUTER will detect if your car tax goes OOD and isn't replaced?

    Christ - we really live in a world of modern technology. Imagine a computer which can work out if an annual fee hasn't been paid on time. That must be amazing. Thank God for Government IT.
  13. The simple answer is go 2 wheels,
    Driving a car is like watching a film whilst riding a bike is being in the film
  14. G'day all.

    It must be easily done because in NSW (OZ) third part insurance must be produced to get a current Roadworthy certificate for your car, then both produce to get a road fund licence for your vehicle .
    If you don't renew your registration for the car for eleven months then you will have to pay the back eleven months so the years registration that you have just paid will be out in one month, irrespective if your car has been off the road, wheels of it and jacked up on bricks, I tried it many years ago, when I had one vehicle that I had bought to do it up, and so had to pay all the back money, You also need a new Roadworthy every year, after I think it's four years old.

    Looks like the old days are gone when half a Guinness bottle label stuck in your disc holder did you for a year registration again, as many of us did in the G,O.D. (good old days) of yore.


  15. Todays patrol cars have access to Th Police national compuer which has inputs from the DVLA for Disqualified Drivers, and Vehicle ownership All Insurance companies forward their database of insured vehicles to the DVLA as do the VOSA with t the MOT database this in turn is linked to the PNC.
    So when pulled for a routine check most driving details are already known, the only dubiety occurs when a fully comp driver is driving another persons car on the 3rd party allowance by his own insurance, in this case the HO/RT/1 procedure would be adopted to produce documents within 7 days
  16. In the UK you must either pay up on the due date or declare the vehicle is stored off the road, and that does not just mean up on bricks, it must be wholly on private land, or you pay a fine and the 'missing' tax. Equally you must provide evidence of insurance and MOT if appropriate, and the DVLA has record of both insurance and MOT as well so you can pay up on line.
  17. One of my motorcycles (Suzuki GSXR 600) had a rear number plate attached by velcro. It was supposed to be for easy removal on track days, but I found it really handy just being able to lean back, pull it off and stuff it down the front of my jacket. Que Spenny passing the speed camera at 130mph on the motorway before re-attatching it!!

    Those were the days!! :thumright:

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