I hate football - am I alone?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by SONAR-BENDER, Jun 15, 2012.

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  1. As it says in the title - I hate football - shower of over paid faggots poncing around. And now my 'human rights' are being infringed, as I can't watch any telly as it all sems to be football, live, repeats, dissection of previous matches or guesstimates of future ones.

    AAAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH - it does my skull in!

    Now I'm stuck with a repeat of Lewis (+1 hour remember!) thank God I had a wonderfully BBQ'd pound of steak preceded by copious amounts of Bacardi and Coke, well barbies are hot work when it is 30 degrees and just a little wine to chug down the steak! At least we have sunshine and no rain!!!! :laughing7:

    So, anyone else less than enamoured with all this football shit?

    PS I am not gay.
  2. No you are certainly not.
  3. You are not alone, football humbug !!!!
  4. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    You may not be gay but footballers and their David Attenborough programme star supporters are. What's with all the simulated sex post scoring?
    It is no longer a game but a business and one with no honour. Cheating bastards.

    I think that the state that Rangers are in is as funny as fcuk. It is reducing otherwise grown men to tears. Ball kickers ruling men's lives. What is that all about?

    Football is gay and arrse.
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  5. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    What pisses me off is that now that we have gone digital on the TV system they have loads of channels where they could show it without interrupting the main four channels. BBC3 and 4 are only on for half the day so have plenty of slack time, ITV3 and 4 are probably the same. It shows poor programming by the various organisation and a lack of understanding as to what most peoples needs are.

    Still never mind we will have the Olympics soon. I still trying to work out how the Olympics organisation can come into Weymouth, take over public parks, close them to the public unless they pay an admittance fee to watch the sailing. They have also taken over some of the car parking and trebled the price. Watching sailing must come a close second to watching paint dry
  6. Just to be clear: are you talking about UK telly?
  7. I can't raise the slightest interest in football and am similarly uninspired by the Olympics. I enjoyed the radio reports during the last Olympics and the cinema newsreels afterwards and was particularly impressed with the marathon runner (Sidney Wooderson?) who arrived back at the stadium completely knackered and had to be directed towards the finish line 'cause he'd lost his way, but I was only twelve at the time. The politically inspired carnival that is soon to be forced upon us at great expense, and the current bunch of pampered idiots who purport to provide entertainment for the masses impress me not.

    Mrs Mango will have the main screen all to herself for the summer. I have a whole cabinet full of ancient westerns and other watchable DVDs, and a secondary 26" flat screen to watch them on in my "den". Accompanied by the numerous bottles of Wood's 100% that I have accumulated (currently on offer at Morrison's for less than £20 a bottle), the freezing temperatures and lashing rain that passes for summer in Yorkshire will present no bar (pun unintended) to my seasonal enjoyment.

    V. Meldrew (2BM)
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  8. PS. I don't think I'm gay either. At least, if I am, it's taken me nearly seventy seven years to find out about it.

  9. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    That would be Alf Tupper. No gay energy drinks and salad or turning up on time for our man Alf. Slack cunt.
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  10. I'm with you there. Football all the time at the moment. Boring.
  11. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    Footballers are cunts. To quote Martin Jonhnson: "A footballer goes through the match pretending he's hurt. A rugby player spends the whole match pretending he's not hurt."
    There's nothing wrong with the game, just the over paid egotistical twats who play it.
  12. After many years of following football but now having seen the light I have to agree with all the above.

    I also think that rugby players/fans are a bunch of fat homosexual (wanabe) public schoolboys who like to jump on each other for their own entertainment. Even their 'rude' songs make me want to throw up, though not a much as the sight of their fucking 'jumpers' with arms delicately folded across their bulging chests.

  13. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    The footys on telly tonight, the All Blacks V Ireland, what's not to like?
  14. I was on a train coming out of Hannover one afternoon when a bunch of Boxhead arseholes pinged that I was British and started on about the last time the Krauts had beaten England at Chav-Ball. Totally lost on this callsign, as my name probably gives away......

    Anyways, my German is pretty good, I ain't fluent or a terp or anything like that, but I can get by. After 10 mins of them singing the praises of some bunch of 11 f***ing pansies who'd last about 3 mins training with the Springboks, my reply went along the lines of:

    "In Britannien, fussbal ist fur der dumm, der arbeitslos und was sie in Deutschland heisst "Der Ossie". Niemand in Britannien mit arbiet folgt fussbal; es ist fur untermensch"

    English - In Britain, football is for the stupid and the unemployed, and what you in Germany call "Ossies". No-one with a job in Britain follows football; it is for sub-humans"

    Linguistically speaking, I was quite proud of that, taking place as it did after 7 or 8 fairly strong German lagers. Managed to touch on three core elements of the German psyche - their sense of national pride, very strong work ethic, and a little bit of reminding them about their past rather naughty proclivities involving Slavs, Yids etc. They don't like that, see...........

    And in fairness, given as I was on my own and there were about 8 of these c**ts, they didn't, to their credit, give me a good kicking.

    PS - "Ossie" is a Kraut term for former East Germans (literally translates as "Ost Deutscher") and is used very derogatively by those from the former West, who view Ossies as dirty, lazy gyppo f**ers. Closest we have in the UK is underclass, pikey or gyppo I suppose.
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  15. Not so much hate football as dont see the point in 22 grown men kicking an inflated sphere around a grass field with the object of putting it between three wooden posts into a fishing net. I just dont see the interest!
  16. Football is ace. You are all massive homos.

    Or were fat kids. We all know the only people who dislike football are the sporting failures at school who were shit at it so took up rugby and claim they chose that path.

    Fat bummers.
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  17. About time it went on a single sport channel so the rest of us can watch gardening and cooking shows.

    Rugby: A game played by gentlemen with odd shaped balls.
    Football: A game played by poofs
  18. Football player and supporters - all cunts - every one of them

    If the Ark is to be sunk as an artificial reef cant we fill it up beforehand with anyone associated with the so called 'beautiful game'

    what an utter set of cunts the lot of them

    you could ask Einstein to take about football and the minute he started talking you just know it would be utter shite/drivel/bilge

    total cunts, all of them
  19. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    I seem to recall a Q & A with Sting in which he was asked if he had ever had a homosexual experience. His answer was along the lines of: I watch football every weekend with 22 million other men.

    Football is by and for beefers. Twenty two athletic men, in shorts, running around hugging kissing and humping each other. The goal celebrations weren't always like that. A pat on the back was enough and the fans were more restrained and clad in natural fibres.

    There was a time when the good players from local schools were signed to local teams. Being a sporting success at school is no longer a passport to a league team unless you were successful at a Nigerian school.
  20. Well that wouldn't work would it? How would we watch aerobics OZ style at stand easy if its football all the time?

    And stop being tight and buy sky, there's loads of channels for old people. You can watch re-runs of Cadfael and stuff.
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