I had a fight with a Marine bully last night and won

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by Nails, Mar 16, 2009.

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  1. So I'm sitting in my local pub when this Marine from our area who's been serving fifteen years comes in. I'm talking about how I'm joining the corps. Just talking not mouthing off or being a prick and he takes an interest in my conversation and starts having a massive go at me. He starts squaring up to me with his fists clenched, so I put my hands up and i say i don't want any trouble and walk away and sit elsewhere in the pub.

    Anyway, the guy is then strutting around the pub acting all hard after that. And kept looking over at me staring from time to time giving me a warning glare. He was with his mrs and I was with my boyz so I kind of thought "why does he think he's so bullet?". Plus i'd drunk a load more stella in the meantime and was fired up and the boyz kept telling me to bang him out.

    So when we got up to leave and go to another pub he was standing by the bar with his mrs so i ran up to him and punched him as hard as I could on the back of the head. His face ploughed into this wooden pillar and he fell to the ground. I gave him a bit of a kicking on the ground to make sure he stayed down. His mrs was flapping and screaming so I pushed her to the floor. We then legged it.

    Thing is, this is what you get if you go about pushing your weight around. This guy thought he was hard, prob cos he was a Marine, and yet he met his match. He took a kicking for starting a fight. I finshed it. And i'm not even a marine yet. Imagine how i'll be when I've passed my training.
  2. So you hit him from behind, well 'ard

  3. Nobody remembers HOW you won. It's IF you won. In a real fight there are no rules and you always have to be prepared. I am. That's why I won and he lost.
  4. From what I can make out out, two pricks in a pub acting up....nothing new!

    Imagine if you got nicked and was'nt allowed to join up, who'd be the prick then?


    It might do you some good to remember that not all fights are won with your fists!!
  5. Good lad, you should have kerb-stomped his missus as well the slag.
  6. Nice little tale Nails. I can imagine how you'll be after your training. Perhaps you won't be able to talk with no F#####g teeth because you've been banged out you twat.
  7. Dear 'Nails'.....you sound like the biggest fcuking prick in the world, a right fcuking a**ehole. Which is why you should fcuk the Marines off and join the RN with the rest of us fcuking losers. You would fit in great with the rest of us who take pride in being out and out fcuking w*nkers who would all stoop as low as it possibly gets. Personally I would of done it outside so that I could of dragged his Mrs up a back alley and given her a good sound buggering to shut the slut up. Still, allowances have to be made, you're young and will learn.

    PS: Only join the Marines if you're interested in swallowing c*ck and being bummed. There's a massive 'scene' there. The macho testosterone fuelled tough image and posturing is all a cunning facade designed to cover up the fact that they all secretly yearn for brown man love! Dirty Bummers!!
  8. You punched him in the back of the head, THEN pushed his missus to the floor....wow mate, i respect how much courage that took!
  9. Stop picking on Nails everyone....he's my hero!
  10. Nails, you're still a pussy bending fagot..............punching him from behind, then kicking the mrs.

    Well hard, I think not......just a childish and chicken sh*t way! You wait till you do eventually join, your face will be remembered and I wonder if you'll be laughing and sounding off when 20 odd booties kick your fugly mug in.

    Time for a cuppa, anyone?
  11. I didn't want to mention it but a couple of my mates, Goat and Londoner George, spat at her when she was on the ground lol.
  12. Spitting on the whore! That's foreplay isn't it?
  13. Seriously who is this guy?

    He's obviously a wind up merchant, reading his posts no-one is this stupid :S
  14. From today's Easterton Chronicle (link):

  15. No he's not he's gen. The pusser would be a better place for more upstanding lads like this in it's ranks too. Keep it up Nails, you're a role model for all pre-joiners! BZ.
  16. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA............... CLASSIC!!!!!
  17. I don't believe a word of it my good fellow.
    Your use of slang and deliberate misspelling is contradicted by your ability to punctuate.
    Be off with you!!
  18. People who are saying I'll get my head kicked in during training are bvery naive. I'm an ex cage fighter. And will take anyone on down at Lympstone one on one. If they gang up on me i'll get on the phone to some people i know. And we'll see what happens if they want a gang fight. I know some characters who u simply do not f'uck with.
  19. I like the cut of yer jib" Keep it up.

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