I found the musical, now who can I cast?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Rumrat, Jan 4, 2011.

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  1. I didn't realise you wanted to make a gay porn version 8O
  2. Well we may as well, look at the lead role, and I'm having a fuckin game and half trying to find a virgin.
    They say around here a virgin is a ten year old who can outrun her brothers.
  3. Cant we invite applications and then get em up on stage and take the piss out of em and choose the one that sucks up the most.A sort of RR X factor.Once we tell em that some " celeb" is doing the judging they will be falling over each other to get in.
    How about MOD,s only.Could be fun :wink:
  4. I thought patronising was what the wealthy did for charities until I read Current Affairs. 8)
  5. Reply, aye there's the rub, you seem to need a link to express an opinion.
    It was not my post he dissected, but arrogance of such magnitude just kills the will to participate. I will just stick to peddling sh1te in Lil's.
  6. Wits - Surely you mean the Righteous Brothers, Wee Purple & Big Sea?
  7. I'm gutted.I've only just dared to dip my toe in CA and learned what this threads about.I was really looking forward to doing my best Louis Walsh impression. :cry:
  8. Now that is a name that could stick Bob.
    Well done that man.

    Wits thanks for the song, but suicide was not an option.
    Disappointed?? :D

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