I forgot.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by BillyNoMates, Aug 25, 2013.

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  1. Forgot what? Everyone's forgot something at sometime. If you can remember what you forgot that caused you to blush and fart then let's hear it.

    I got to work today after a nice few days down-time. Parked up and opened the boot of the motor and was greeted with something that honked quite a bit. Now I remember what I forgot some six days ago....her indoors had cooked tea and plated up a big serving of sausage casserole, mash and three veg (with gravy) for my first night-shift. She'd wrapped the plate in Clingfilm and I'd put it in the boot along with my work-bag. After six days festering in the boot - I decided that ditching the plate as well as the gopping dinner woud be a good idea. She's currently continuously counting the dinner plates in the kitchen (O.C.D.) and I'm claiming diplomatic immunity.
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  2. I once spent over an hour trying to find my car in a multi story car park, before remembering that I'd got the tube that day.
  3. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    I once had my haircut with no money on my person as I'd forgot to go to the cashpoint beforehand.
  4. I often get off my lazy arse and go into another room to get "something"and when I get there, I've forgotten what it was.
  5. Yep, then you stand there, looking around until it comes back to you! Or not!!
  6. wal

    wal Badgeman

    That happens because we cross a thresh hold. It's an age thing.

    What piss HinDs off is that I stand there open mouthed and looking more stupid than I already am.
  7. We went on a two-week holiday once and as usual I went round the house, checking that non-essential stuff was shut down. The combi-boiler, Virgin media box, all the tellies and all that usual bollocks. Only thing is - I also somehow "remembered" that it was important not to forget to switch the fucking fridge and mahoosive freezer off as well. Actually - I should have forgot to remember that they shouldn't have been switched off at all. Came back to hundreds of quids worth of scran ready for the skip and a right good shouting match.....due to my highly efficient cost-saving measures.
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  8. That occurs when you come across aliens rummaging through your stuff.

    They zap you with a memory-loss machine, (like in "Men in Black" ), and then bugger off, leaving you wondering what the hell you came into that room for.
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  9. Funny one that, you are going away and so go round the ranch turning off the cooker, telly, radio, central heating, etc but not the fridge freezer, its as if the FF can be trusted not to burst into flames and burn the place down
  10. Many moons back, I had bought my first one-up two-down with a lass and was on my tod for an evening when I though I would go downstairs to do something. When I got down the stairs though, I forgot what I had gone down for. So being the bright young thing that I was, I thought I would trigger the memory by going back upstairs. Was the following day that a niggling thought hit me - I had obviously forgotten why I had gone upstairs the day before as I had stayed up there. Never did recall whatever it was I had originally being going down for.

    I was only in my early twenties then as well.

    Memory has gotten worse since.
  11. But how can they catch fire? They're cold. Tch!
  12. Fcuk, what was i going to say.......

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  13. Well its enough for stokers to remain on watch just because the only bit of equipment still left turned on were the ship's fridges.
  14. "We're doing well, darling - halfway down the M74, the cars all packed, we didn't forget any suitcases, we don't need to stop for petrol for a long time - darling.... Darling?"
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  15. Not me personally but a mate from Uni way back...... He Forgot that letting a mate in halls mind his keys while he went home for 2 days was a baaaaaad idea. Came back Sunday night to find..... Everything was just he had left it..... With the exception of it all having been coated in Tin foil. Even the spare coins in his drawer.

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  16. SHE forgot.

    The wife was doing dinner in our kitchen, which was on the lower ground floor of the massive place we used to live in.
    It was winter and it was fu**ing cold. So - she got dinner done and I flashed up the gas fire in the dining room and
    we sat down to scoff. I picked up the salt pot and screamed my fucking skull off. Darling dearest had put the ceramic
    salt pot in the oven for a few minutes "because the salt wasn't coming out of the pot properly, because it was damp".
    Now that salt pot welded itself to my fingers and took five layers of skin off.
    She forgot to tell me it was hot...naturally I wasn't about to presume that the salt pot was the same temperature as
    molten lava when I picked the fucker up.
    I now find myself touching stuff made of pot slightly more carefully.
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